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Vappu. That's a finnish name for Mayday/1st of May. The fun thing is that in Finland 1st of May is celebrated 30th of April since who wouldn't want to steal one extra day for celebration? Actually everything in Finland is celebrated one day in advance. We call it the Eve-culture. With this Eve-culture you can celebrate as hard as you want and then have this communal hangover experiences the day that the rest of the world is celebrating. I think this is pretty awesome.  

30th of April

So what happens in finnish Vappu? I'll tell you about my experience. So on the Vappu-eve, 30/4 I woke up early. I had to have as many colors on me as possible so the make up was really important. So flashy make up and glitter nails are a MUST. Plus if you are daring you can also color your hair to various of colors. Pink and blue with an addition of some glitter is a good combination of hair coloring.

At 12 am. (And I was late) I went to my friends place. Her boyfriend offered me a home made beer from a wine glass. That started my day just fine. After a drink we headed to our University. At Uni we have our own rooms for each Faculty/Main subject. So we from the Clinical Nutrition have our own room as well. And that is where the party started. Music was on and the room as well as the corridor in front of it was full of people in green overalls. We had delicious food and free drinks offered to us. So what else do you need for a party? 

Getting to know new people gets pretty easy at Vappu. Everyone is happy and ready for small talk and that is amazing since Finns usually avoid small talk. So when it is time for Vappu, we drink, sing and fool around. All in our small room at Uni.

Time flied pass really quick. That meant heading to the center to see a statue cleaned. After the royal cleaning of the statue, it recieves a graduation cap. After that, around 6 pm., all of us place our white (or yellow if it has seen many parties) graduation caps on our heads and drink a toast of sparkling wine. This is a very important tradition that we do every single year.

 Caps on our heads and drinks in our hands it was time to start the evening. We headed to somebodys apartment for a before-party. Beer-pong, music and more unknown faces that you have to get acquainted with. And by the way we won at beer pong. And to us it was wine-pong. 

 After wineponging it was time to continue our journy. So our legs carried us one kilometer further to another apartment.  Again new people and good, tasty red wine. When the bottle was empty we headed to my apartment to get some more and then took a taxi to the last party place that was mostly for Medicine students. The place was full so dancing was a challenge.

When the body was tired and mind half asleep, it was time to go home. 3 am.

1. May 

The next day was all about gathering to heal our wounds from the night before. I drank my coffee and ate some cookies and headed out to enjoy the sunny day, with the white graduation cap still on my head. I met my sister and her friends in the center where some people from last night were all saying Hello to me but I just couldn't recognise them. I waved back as if I knew them and carried on. We sat down to enjoy coffee on a terrace cafe, bought some candy and drank Sima . Sima is a traditional drink you have to enjoy during Vappu. It's a bit too sweet for my taste but once a year won't kill anyone. Afterwards we had a little walk around a pretty lake where I stayed with friends from Uni. Picnic is a thing that people do around Europe for Mayday so we do it as well. Picnic or healing wounds.. Whatever you want to call it. 

- Bina

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