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Vienna to Praha

18th Dec 2016 -  3rd Jan 2017

 Vienna, Austria 

Oo oo it's time for travel post guys! I don't know about you but they are my own personal favorite. Not because there are waaay to many photos to go through but because, well, let's face it; We love traveling.

So I think winter holidays are the best time to go abroud. Why? Well because it's freaking cold and dark in Finland. Literally the sun never gets up. When it does, it's freeeezing so you can't possibly go out to see the sun. Plus it lasts like couple hours or so?
I think it's totally lunatic to stay in Finland during this horribly hard and dark times. (a great excuse to go a little souther)

 Prague, Czech Republic
 Vienna, Austria
So my "south" this year was Austria and Czech Republic. In Austria I visited Vienna of course, since my sister moved there. And I kind of know the place already, it's actually starting to feel like home for some damn reason. Not that I need more new homes, I think I have way too many already. Let's count: 1. Kozarac; my parents' birth place and my so called "home town". Fckn great place actually. 2. Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is because I practically live there during summertime. 3. Mikkeli, my birthplace. Obviously I visit there almost every weekend 'coz of friends and family. 4. Kuopio, I'm still making this city my home but at least my apartment is my home. It's way too small but damn it's cozy!
So the conclusion of all this is; I don't need a new home.

Vienna, Austria 

  Vienna, Austria - Hundertwasserhaus

Vienna, Austria - Kunsthistorische museum

 Yeah it's beautiful. Schloss Schönbrunn, Hundertwasserhaus, Prater, Stefansplatz, Kunsthistorisches Museum.. All these place I can recommend. And of course the shopping abilities are just awesome. I might have bought cosmetics for the whole year since they are basically free in Austria. At least compared to how much I would spend in Finland. And the christmas markets that were everywhere. 

Last time I was in Vienna I didn't spend much time in museums and such so I did it this time. Kunsthistorische museum I can recommend to everyone. It's huge and really fascinating things in there from really old times. Everything comes with a story. 

My favorite piece of were these three sculptures about a woman and her lifesycle. From young teenage girl to pregnant and to old. Very realistic and beautiful. A human body is a beautiful thing. More beautiful when it's showed as it is in reality. All those way too beautiful pictures where everything is photoshopped to look exactly the same as in every other picture you see, are getting so boring. Let us see the ugly truth that isn't really ugly but beautiful

Prague, Czech Republic

This was my first time in Czech Republic and Prague. FIrst time if we don't count the time when I was just a child, since I sure don't remember it. I actually didn't even know I've been there before my sister told me that I have. So guess it doesn't count. 

Prague became my favorite place the second I got out of the bus that took us from Vienna to Prague. I don't think I can even explain to you how beutiful it is. It's a romantic city. Somehow it's dark with all those dark colored buildings and scary torture museums. I literally saw several torture museums and the one that stuck in my mind was "Medieval torture instrument museum". I didn't enter them though because I think i'm way too "chicken" for that. But when I visit Prague next time I'll try to be brave. And with all this darkness there was also art. All over the place you see old sculptures and the most talented buskers; street-music-players. I heard this young person singing with a loud voice the most beutiful songs and some old man playing a harp. And you just can not to stop and stare. Usually people who play or sing on the streets aren't THAT talented. It's unbelievable. 

Thank you for reading and you deserve a chocolate bar if you made it this far 👏 . Now I think it's enough of winter already and we should start prepare for spring and summer since it's comiiin! My plans are to spend them in my hometown; Mikkeli. And probably I'll try to visit other hometowns like Kozarac and Sarajevo. I am also planning an Erasmus+ exchange year in Stuttgart, University of Hohenheim. Now I just have to send my application and wish really really hard that they will pick me. If not, I won't let them forget me and apply again next year. They just have to give in if I try over and over again, right? So thumbs up and fingers crossed that I will be accepted. 

Have a nice weekend everyone! 

- Bina

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