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Human to Human

'Alo! To my own surprise this new post comes really soon after the previous one where I updated my two years of absence to just one post (check: previous post) After posting I realized I still have some updating to do. So as you can see I have made some changes to my blogs layout. The biggest change is the banner but I have also added some direct links to my bloglovin and Instagram. I also noticed I have "gained" two years here so I had to update the "About me" part. I must admit it felt wrong to change the "20 year old" to 22 😇 

So this post I would like to dedicate to relationships.
In this world where we have many obligations with school, work or just life itself, I think many people forget the meaning of human relationships and social life. This came to my mind when a friend told me about a study that reported the biggest regrets old people in our society have in their lives. The study asked what do these people regret the most in their life and the answer was: Lack of studies.

Lack of studies? Well I get it since in those times people where almost forced to leave school and go to work. I wish the working situation would still be the same in our current world. But in their situation they went to work without completing high degree studies wich meant getting sacked every time the economical situation got bad. 

But really, Lack of studies? I use 90% of my time studying. So it includes school but also after school I often sit down on my butt to study, study, study. Maybe it tells something of my lack of concentration skills but I really do need all that time to keep up in my studies. This doesn't usually disturb me since I do enjoy what I am doing. But when it continues for a very long time in a row I start thinking about things I am missing. That usually rounds up with me missing my friends and family and the time I could spend with them.

I guess all this "what did you regret in your life" depends on how you spend it. But when time is limited I think lack of human relationships (or animal relationships) are the one thing you'll regret the most. So this post is dedicated to the loved ones. 

I have a good situation going on. I've made some really good friendships in university where everyone understand your lack of time. Also, most of my relationships have formed already in my early teenage years. These friendships have been there during good and the bad and have shaped me in a way that even I cant understand. These friendships are solid. They are ever-lasting and reliable. No need for me to even question that. These friends are in a distance so we do have to give an effort if we want to see each other face to face but luckily this has never been a problem for us. Also, these people are the ones that I am constantly in touch with through phone. And with constantly I do really mean constant messaging and calls, telling each other every step or every thought we get in our mind. And I am so thankful for that.

Family. They say blood is thicker than water (or even thicker than wine, they claim) and I think recently I have started to really notice that. I meantioned in my last post that in these past two years I have met many new family members. Second cousins, third cousins ... So on. These family things in Bosnia&Herzegovina differ from what I know in Finland for example. In Bosnian culture cousin is introduced to you as your sister or brother and second cousins as well as third, fourth ... are introduces as cousin or simply family. So I feel really close with these people. These "new" family members have become very meaningful part of my life. They ended up being very similar with me and my sisters so it was surprisingly easy to get to know them.

But lets not forget the closest family I have. As I told you I am living with my sister, Hermina (check: Lolim te). We have lived together past.. hmm three? years already. And no, we are not fighting. My second sister, Elvira, moved to Austria but luckily we are visiting her as much as possible. Last time we saw was during summer and now Hermina and I are going to Vienna to meet her again. My two older sisters have literally been part of my life since I was born. So we shaped each others, had our quarrels and have been each others' best friends. If you want to go out but there is no one around, always trust your sister to accompany you! 

Mom and Dad. They have not just given me life but they have raised me. Well they sometime say they did all wrong and goddamn the children, but in the end they are the ones who are the most proud of us. They leave everything they are doing just to help me or my sisters. If there is someone who would step in front of a bullet for me, it would be my mom and dad. But luckily I dont play with bullets so guys, you are safe!

Lastly, I want to share with you how I got to the situation where I understood the meaning of relationships. They are easy to take  for granted since they are there with you no matter what. But when I moved to Kuopio in 2013 I felt really alone. I was living with Hermina who spent her days at school when I was home alone. When she came home, I usually left for work and so we never really saw each other. Soon in 2014 I started studying in Universtity of Eastern Finland. At the same time I was doing work shifts as much as I could which resulted in me not being able to participate in many activities that were arranged for us to get to know other students. Well, despite the lack of participation I did find my group of people but since all those new things coming in front of me and the time I spent at work, I ended up being too tired to spend time with people and too tired to participate in our lectures at school. I studied at home during days and went to work in the evenings. And I didn't realize how much energy it took untill I resigned from work. That's why I took two months free from work and studies last summer to get the energy back. Best place for it was Bosnia-Herzegovina of course! Man, You did relax me well!

Now things are back to great. School is going on better than I thought, I have time to actually meet people and travel to see my friends.  The amount of energy I have now is sometimes hard to handle, so it sometimes results in too much cleaning or something. But hey, I enjoy it!

So, what's my advise for today: Take time to spoil yourself and your loved ones with spending time together. It doesn't need to be all special let's go hiking or to the movies, just sit down and talk (or pet the furry ones). There is nothing more special than that. 

- Bina

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