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Bincci brought back to life

 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Anybody here?

For a sometime already I've been struggling with the thought should I or should I not start writing my blog again and bring it back to life. I was wondering if I have the time to keep this going and it feels stupid to start something if it ends with just one post. But then again, writing is one of my biggest pleasures, so I thought why the heck not?

 1. Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina 2. Zadar, Croatia 3. Venice, Italy

So here I am again. Vanished for two years but will now give my best to boost this blog up. Since I have been absent for so long, I thought my first (and hopefully not the last) post could be a sort of a review on how things are right now with pictures mixed from past two years. So here we go!

1. Dubrovnik, Croatia 2. Kozarac, B&H 3. Sarajevo, B&H 

So i'm 22 years old now. I still live in Kuopio, Finland and I still am from Bosnia & Herzegovina (wow some things never change). Anyhow, I study Clinical Nutrition in University of Eastern Finland, located here in Kuopio. I'm now doing my third year and have still at least two years to go. For next year I am planning to apply for an exchange somewhere in german-speaking Europe.

So why german-speaking countries? This is what most people ask me when I tell them about my plans. Most people seem to think America or some exotic country more pleasant for exchange year. It's as simple as that I wish to learn the language. I started studying german when I was 10-years old and continued untill 16 years old. You would think that person would learn all kinds of things in 6 years of studying but to be honest I know less than Jon Snow. I think I'm good with languages but there is something with this german language that doesnt stick to my brain. Furthermore my sister, Elvira (the middle one of us), learned the language and moved to Austria, got a job and is doing really good. So german language seems like a useful skill to know!

1. & 2. Graz, Austria 3. Königsee, Austria 4. Salzburg, Austria

So what else? I still live with my dear sister (oldest) Hermina, who is still active in the blogging world (check: lolim te), but I think that pretty soon she will move away (that traitor plans to graduate from biomedicine real soon) and I will be left alone far in the North and cold. Guess I'll freeze to death. Although I have my endless resource of chocolate and coffee to keep me warm.

I used to work in McDonalds but recently I quit that job. I'm still getting used to a life without work, but I'm trying to take everything out of it. I've been stuidying like never before, but I've also visited my friends way, way more than before. Most of my friends live in another cities so it's important to have time to travel around. I also think it's important to be able to visit my parents as much as possible and they live non the less than 170 km away.

1. Graz, AU 2. & 3. Sarajevo, B&H

The time I've been gone, I have visited many places. My new tactic is to travel both during summer and winter. Don't ask me where I get my money for that, because I honestly don't know the answer for that. Anyhow I have visited Bosnia&Herzegovina of course. Some places that I've been before and also many new ones! My new "hobby" seems to be getting to know my Herzegovinian part of family, which gives an awesome opportunity to travel to new places. I've got to know awesome people and wonder how the heck all the new family members I meet, seem to be so alike. There is definitely something in our genome.

Other places I've visited are Wien and Salzburg in Austria, Budapest in Hungary, Croatia with all Hvar island, Split, Dubrovnik ... You name it! Venice and Milano in Italy and soon also Prague in Czeck Republic. And probably there are also other places that I have forgotten. 

 Hvar & Split, Croatia

The most rememberful trip was this years' trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina and especially the part we visited the mountines, Dinaric Alps, with Highlander adventures and Zana, long lost cousin, that has an awesome blog World of a travelholic (check: World of a travelholic). You should check that out asap! Highlander adventured however were awesome hiking guides and tour guides in Sarajevo. I think they can tell a story of every brick you see in Bosnia&Herzegovina and they will tell the history of it with such an enthusiasm that you get the feeling that that particular brick is the most meaningful thing in the whole world. So if you want to go hiking in Dinaric Alps (wich is one of the must-to-do things) or just feel like visiting Sarajevo, please contact Highlander adventures through their website (check: Highlander Adventures). Great guys, who make sure your trip is more than just a trip.

This years adventures will anyhow make to its own post, so will keep my lips sealed 'till then.  If I had to meantion something from past 2014-2015 travels I think it would be new places, like Salzburg and Graz but also Hvar island in Croatia and Stolac, Bosnia-Herzegovina. (As you can see I'm not good in picking one) Going to Graz and Salzburg was the first time for me to see some christmas markets in such a glory as they were in Austria. I think that was the part that made them so unforgottable .. Hvar was awesome with its' sole existence, being island and all. And what comes to Stolac, it's part of Herzegovina that I had never visited but where big part of my family comes from. It was exhilarating to meet new family members and see all those parts that I know my grandmom once called home.

  1. Split, Croatia 2. Klis, Croatia 3. Sarajevo, B&H

 Hvar, Croatia - Stolac, B&H - Sarajevo B&H

I think this is enough for now. Hope you enjoyed it and give me some thumbs up here if you'd like to here more :) That would difinitely help me getting back on track.

Ps. As you can see, picking just "few" pictures from past two years was truly hard for. But there are plenty more; if you want to see more pictures from these two years that I couldn't fit in this post, please go follow my instagram account @binnchi or just check it out if you are being curious :) 

- Bina

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