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Hello! It's Friday night already. Today I had one of my final exams in high school. It was the Finnish exam that I will do in two parts. The first, that I did today,  includes writing three "short" esseys (they are not actually short but anyways shorter than the other ones). In these three esseys I have to analyse things like the structure or some other things about the text but I have to do everything objectively. I had six hours to do  in a vthemery controlled hall where everyone was sitting exactly one meter away from eachother and every text on your pen or food had to be covered. In the second part I will still have six hours but I will have to write only one, though very long, essey. In that one my own opinions and subjectivity is a key to a success. Furthermore, I will do psychology (renewal), English and math as my final high school leaving exams. I'm really not looking forward to them...

I sat in the exam a bit over five hours. After that I spent some times with my friends Kapu and Ellu in the center untill I got a call inviting me for jogging. So byebye center, this girl is going jogging! I loved that trip. Talking and jogging and enjoying the view. And the feeling was so liberating after sitting in one hard chair for five hours! However I did enjoy getting back home. I did some butt workouts and headed for the shower. After that I took my English book in my hand.. but realized I was so damn tired that I just took an hour nap and after that I've been just sitting on the sofa watching a movie! Love it! :D


 On our way!

And back in time! Last weekend on Saturday me and my sisters plus a friend Eve went to Eve's cottage on a tiny cay. And since the lake was frozen and covered with snow, we went there skiing! If you can even call it that way. Every time we put our weight to one leg the snow crashed under it. I gotta say it was a good butt wrokout right there! But I had a lot of fun, even though I've always hated skiing and every winter sport in the world. But that's probably because we were forced to ski and iceskate every winter at school so I learned to hate them. You hate everything that you have to do at school, right?

Finally, when every part of our body was sore and sweatty, we were at the cottage. We lit the fire (after many obstacles) and warmed ourselves. And well, there is no enjoying the cottage without proper cottage food! Some sausages (my huge broiler sausage which was biggest of them all!), meatballs, buns (with creme and jam) and marshmellows! They were so delicious! Yum!

And  I know I look funny in that red jacket! I was honestly feeling like an eskimo. The jacket is Hermina's but it is sertainly too big for me haha. But who cares, it was warm! And if you people want to visit this trip from my sisters' perspective just visit their the post here.

by Bincci


  1. You look so cute in your jacket, but the place looks SO COLD!! Good luck with your exams, 6 hours is way too long but I'm sure you'll do just great. :)

    And if you are still looking for prom dresses, here is a site that has beautiful pieces, it's not too cheap but still...:

    Take care! :)

    1. Oha! Thank you Eda :) I will check out that site right away!

  2. oh wow, bas imate puno snijega! Kod nas u Svajcarskoj isto ima dosta, na zalosti :(

    1. Oho lijepo vidjeti da ima ljudi koji vole snijeg! :)

  3. great photos! would you like to follow each other? let me know!