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Haven't been here for a while. I've been studying every day from 10am to 10pm with small breaks when I've made food or eaten. And even then my mind is thinking about all the possible psychological theories and if I realise that I've forgotten some of them I have to pause my eating and find the right book and the right theory. I'm obsessed!

Many things have happened this week. I met a person that I thought I'll never meet again. We arranged a meeting and spent couple hours together. I liked it a lot, it made me go back in time to all those memories we had together.. And I've been very mad at this person for a long time and I was glad that I found a way to look pass those bad things that happened between us because I realised that this person was actually one of my best friends and someone I really much enjoy spending my time with. Unfortunately I won't be able to see this person ever again..

 Fruits are yummy! I make myself fruit salad almost every day and I like to put some cinnamon on the top. Gives it some falvour :)

Yesterday I decided to go to the bar. I didn't take any money with me and wasn't planning to stay for long, max till 1am. But hey plans don't usually work and I was at home after 4am. I didn't drink much at all but my friends decided to buy me some drinks during the night. But I drank only three drinks which is nothing and I didn't even feel like I had drank anything. So I wasn't drunk or anything but for some reason my body still didn't like the alcohol.. When I got home I still felt okay. I washed my make up and brushed my teeth and went to sleep. Eveyrthing is good. Then I started waking up during the night when my muscles were strangely juddering. I thought that maybe I feel cold but Iäm too tired to feel the coldness. I drank some water and continues sleeping. Then I wake up at 7.30 am. I feel sick. Really sick and I was afraid of moving myself because I was afraid of throwing up. Then I thought that hey, I haven't drunk almost anything It's not possible to throw up! And I get up and try to reach for the water... and then I was running to toilet and thew up. Yes. I did it. And I'm still wondering that what happened last night. But it seems like I'm starting my life and an absolutist since this isn't the first time when my body can't take any alcohol. And it's disgusting!

Studying on my way to Helsinki!

And here are some random photos from the trip to Heureka, Vantaa last week on Friday. I went with some biolgoy class to visit an exhibition made with REAL DEAD bodies! It was about human body and I could see whole human bodies "standing" with only muscles on the bones or only blood vessels on them. And I could also see how a fetus grows into a real baby. And even those were real fetus and real dead baby. It was interesting to see these things and many people thought it is disgusting but you couldn't really see if they were real or not. Not unless you weren't thinking about it constantly. But unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take any pictures of the bodies and even though it would have been easy to photograph them without anyone noticing I wanted to respect the rules.

I was too scared to try that out. And now I regret that I didn't :(
Maria. Playing a memory game! :D I'm not sure was that meant for the children only..
And finally a very elegant (riiight..) picture of me in the planetarium where we were shown a great movie about cells. It was interesting and since it was planetarium, it felt like we were spinning! :D

And now I'm going to rest and eat chocolate and enjoy one day without my books.. Sorry for the lack of photos and posts I don't really have time now for blogging or anything else . But I'll get back to the business after my exams are over :)

by Bincci


  1. I'm sorry that you won't be able to see the person you've mentioned, I can only guess how hard it could be, but hey, you should smile no matter what! As for the exhibition, I've went to the same on here in Istanbul and it was fascinating, but creepy anyway... :)

    1. Yes that is sad but situation is what it is and can't change it :/ And it's now even cooler when I know that the same exhibition was in Istanbul! Cool! :D It was kinda creepy if you thought about it but at the same time it was really really interesting!

  2. Heureka on Vantaalla, ei Helsingissä! ;)

    1. Hahaa niimpä tietenki! :D Ei tämmönen pieni Mikkeliläinen kato erota Helsinkiä Vantaata ja Espoota toisistaan! :D

    2. Ois kiva jos vielä korjaisit sen tuohon tekstiin muillekin tiedoksi. ;) :D