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Penkkarit! The last thing that I've been waiting for since I applied to high school! These photos are only from Wednesday and Thrusday. Friday and Saturday pictured are still to come but be patient. I have way too many pictured so I had to pick some of them to show you. I'm so excited about this hih :)

 I went to Kapu's place on Wednesday evening. We spent some time there with our drinks and music and prepairing for the evening. After couple of hours we headed to a bar where we had an arranged "beforeparty" . Everyone who is an abiturient (the last year of highschool) was there. It was nice to see my friends, dance and just enjoy without thinking about anything else. My worrying about health and studying (that I was bumbling about in my last post) seemed to be for nothing. I just took one moment at a time!

The next day I woke up at 7.30 am with only four hours of sleep. I took a shower, turned myself into a cleopatra and headed to school! We had this programme arranged by the second graders who "kicked us out" of school and became the oldest there (not that I complain about being kicked out!) . They put us on the stage and made us do stupid things, picked up the best costume and gave some medals.

 There were pretty cool costumes out there. One guy had dressed up as a toilet and one was a Duff man wich suited him well. He drank all the Duffs he had on his belt and went to refill them later! :D Later we went to our old junior high schools to throw some candy to the children. They were overjoyed and picking up the candy from the floor while we were shouting "Aamuja nolla!" ("Zero mornings") since we don't have to attend school anymore and we don't have to put our alarm at seven am every morning to get to school!

The high light of the day was driving in the truck. Every class made their own banners and attached them to the side of their truck. My class had a "Lukiolaisen evoluutio" ("Highschooler's evolution") with the Simpson theme, "Maailma näyttää erilaiselta vakioveikkaajan silmin" ("The world seems different from the pool punter's point of view") and "Älliä pukkaa! Huomenna terminaalihoitoon". We all climbed to the truck and then we took a ride around the city center where people (especially kids) had gathered to watch us and take photos of us. We threw a lot of candy at people and shouted out loud! It was so damn fun :D I could live that all over again.

And this song "Dirlandaa" was like the song of the weekend. Everyone was singing it and djs' were palying it and oh my God I can still hear that song in my ears :D

Later that day we went to eat in Amarillo and after that we had couple of hours free time. At eight started our afterparty in a bar or actually in two bars which were luckily side by side so I was running between them all the time :D I danced and met some friends that I hadn't seen for years. And it continued and continued untill at half past two I decided to go home to sleep and to get ready for the next day.

 By Bincci


  1. Everything looks so fun, and you look lovely as I told you earlier! My mom would shout at you though if she saw you walking on the snow with that dress! :D Can't wait for the rest of the photos :)

    1. Well I guess your mom has a point haha! :D And thank you again Eda :) I will post the rest of the photos as soon as possible :)

  2. Ihan huippuja kuvia!! :) Oot kyllä ollu tosi kauniina ja tuo sun asu pukee sua aivan hullun hyviN! :D

    1. Kiitos paljon! Piristää päivää tälläset kommentit =)