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"Don't cry for your love, cry tears of joy/ Coz you're alive cradled in love" . This song by Poets of the Fall always makes me smile. We always remember the bad things that happen in our life but among those things we should remember that we are all cradled in love. And lucky.

These days have been mentally and physically challenging. I've had to study like nine hours per day. My resting times have consisted of cleaning my room, taking a shower or making food. So even while I'm resting I'm doing somthing necessary. I've still being eating healthy but my training has suffered a defeat. I've gone jogging for three times a week but I haven't done any muscle excersizes and even my running has been just a routine that I'm doing. It's sad but I won't let this thing to deflate me, I'll take this as a challenge! :)

This week will be a challenge in another way. Today starts the partying and it will continue untill Saturday. Today I should go to a bar to celebrate tomorrow in advance. And tomorrow we have "Penkkarit" which means that we will all be dressed up as Disney characters, animals, kings... whatever we want to be! I won't tell you my costume yet but I promise to get you the photos in Sunday! And well, tomorrow I will also go to an afterparty in a bar. And no no no it won't end there! On Friday we will go to a cruise that starts at 18.30 from Helsinki and ends next day at 15.15 when we are back in Helsinki. And that will mean partying 24 hours non-stop. And when we come back home we have party arranged again, an afterparty! And well.. I'm a bit concerned of how this all will affect on my studying and health care. Yes I know I know, when you party you party and you shouldn't think about these things. I have usually done so and haven't stressed about things. But nowadays health and studying have become a new kind of priority to me. I actually enjoy this!

 My daily breakfast: Porridge and cacao.

However, I'm planning to have fun. I'm planning to enjoy every single second of my time since this is one thing that I was looking forward in when I applied for high school. This and last year's princess day wanhat (check out the post here). And I will be with my friends, throw candy at people and enjoy! And after that I'm going to grab my books and dumbbels and give them 110% of me. And no partying before my 19th birthday (good luck with that haha!) .

by Bincci


  1. Voi miten nätti oot, sulle sopii niin hyvin silmälasit! :)

  2. Cacao isn't healthy at all. It contains as much (unnecessary) calories as your porridge.

    1. Porridge is really healthy actually :) My porridge doesn't contain any sugar. And I'm not all about health. I would never give up hot chocolate. And I don't take things out of my menu (only stopped eating fast food as much as I did before..) but I make my food with vegetables and fruits which makes my food really healthy and which makes me feel better because of the vitamins. After all I need to drink a lot of milk and I just hate it's taste more than anything so I guess daily cup of cacao won't kill me ;) And btw I mix black and normal cacao powder so it doesn't contain as much sugar as the normal cacao :)