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So my Abiturient theme continues: Abiturient Cruising at M/S Silja Europa Helsinki-Tallinn! So as I told in my last post (view it here) we first had a beforeparty for Penkkarit on Wednesday, then we had the costume party, Penkkarit, on Thursday where I was dressed as Cleopatra and then on Friday we headed for Helsinki for a cruise.

Nypö, Kia, me :)
Susu, Ansku, Saara

There were probably 2000-3000 people on that boat where everyone was around 18-19 years old! I was arranging this whole thing so I was a bit stressed about how I'm going to get everyone to the bus in time and how I'm going to give everyone their tickets. But luckily people helped me and we got to the boat in time!

 Ville & Teemu

We got in at 6pm and headed immediately to the restaurant where we had this free buffet. I ate everything that was eatable for my palate! Potatoes, chicken, salmon, cakes, candies... Everything! But I spared myself from the wine and I'm glad that I did because some of the passengers already got themselves drunk in the buffet. Thank you wine!

 Anohter Ville!

 After the buffet we headed to our stateroom to get ready. I put my make up on, dressed up and straightened my hair. Then we almost ran to the main bar/club. It was pretty big and there was enough space to sit and dance. The dancefloor could have been bigger but only because there were so many of us. With a bit smaller crowd it would have been big enough!

I didn't want to waste any time so me and my friends rushed immediately to the dancefloor! It was so much fun. Dancing and shouting Mikkeli (my city) so much that other people from other cities got annoyed haha. Mikkeli was like the word of the day because most of the people were from my city and even the DJ loved us so much (because we were the loudest) that he was supporting us and shouting Mikkeli himself!

I can't really remember everything that happend (I wasn't drunk, there were just too many things happening) but however I had the time of my life! The boat was a great choice for partying. There were so many bars where you could dance and spend time. We also had some performers there like the comic/magician (he was performing to us the next day when most of the people had hangover) and then the band Apulanta. I don't like them so me and my friends went to another bar which was palying more like techno etc music. However, nothing lasts forwever so on Saturday at 3.15 pm we were back in Helsinki. Some people went to an afterparty when we came to Mikkeli but I was way too tried so I went home and slept like a log!

by Bincci
Ps. This was definitely one of the best experiances in my life including the Penkkarit and the last years' Wanhat (view here)!


  1. voi että rakastan tätä sun blogia ! oot niin kaunis ja sul on aina niin ihania kuvia <3 :) sulle olis viel haaste mun blogissa:

    1. Jippii kiitoksia! :) Hyvien kuvien saaminen on aina stressaava asia ni hyvä tietää että oon onnistunut niitä hankkimaan! :D