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Säännöt: - The Rules:
1. Kiitä haasteen antajaa - Thank the challenger.
2. Jaa haaste 8:lle bloggaajalle - Challenge 8 bloggers.
3. Ilmoita näillä 8:lle haasteesta - Notify these 8 bloggers about the challenge.
4. Kerro 4 satunnaista asiaa itsestäs - Tell 4 random things about yourself.

Thank you Miia from Hello Fascination! :)

1. When I was 9 years old I had a cat named Cocta. (Like the drink, almost) . I got really attached to that small kitten, she was so calm. She was actually just a free stray cat whose mama happened to live in our neighborhood in Bosnia and Hercegovina. No one knows what happened to those cats after we came back to Finland. Only one of the kittens was there the next summer, with new kittens :)

2. A bit over a year ago I couldn't tie my hair on a ponytale or bun it because it made me feel really uncomfortable. It's actually funny, but even nowadays, when I don't have my hear covering my ears I feel uncomfortable and feel like someone is going to put something to my ears! And when I sleep or when I'm taking a sunbath, I need to cover my ears :D I don't know when some disgusting bug is going to crawl into my ears. (Funny, eh?)

 3. I adore books. I don't read them much but for some reason I always try to find some books that I could add to my book collection. I got out of this habit for a long time but I feel it coming back! I've bought one book now and I'm so so way too tempted to buy millions of books! My number one goal is to get all the Harry Potter series to my collection! And if you do something bad to my books, I'm going to be sooo mad! I just love books, there is something very magical in them.

 4. I love baking. I would bake all the time: cookies, pies, cakes and all other cute small tasty things! The problem is that I don't have anyone to feed them to. I guess that when/if I one day become a grandmom I'm going to feed those little small cute children untill they burst because then I'll have an opportunity to bake all the time without getting myself fat! (Because if I bake something and it just stays in the fridge, I'll eat it in some point.)

 And I'm going to challenge the following bloggers:

Herminica&Evi from LOLIM TE
Eda Güler from EDZ
Ina from Ina's lifestyle
Elli from It was supposed to be just a lymph node
Slađi from Indestuctible Style
Annika from with love, annika

by Bincci


  1. Olipas tämä kiva ja mielenkiintonen postaus (ja erittäin virkistävää lukea välillä englanniksin blogeja) Voisin kyllä tehdä tämän haasteen joskus, kiitos! :-) ♥

    1. Kiitos kiitos :) Innolla odottelen sun postauksia!

  2. Thank you once again for this fun challenge Sabina! And I see that we have A LOT in common, seriously, I LOVE cats (i have 3 in my house), i LOVE books and i LOVE baking! :) It was great to read all of these from you.

    1. Yeah I've noticed that also while reading your blog :D It's like reading my own mind haha.