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Haven't been here for a while. I've been studying every day from 10am to 10pm with small breaks when I've made food or eaten. And even then my mind is thinking about all the possible psychological theories and if I realise that I've forgotten some of them I have to pause my eating and find the right book and the right theory. I'm obsessed!

Many things have happened this week. I met a person that I thought I'll never meet again. We arranged a meeting and spent couple hours together. I liked it a lot, it made me go back in time to all those memories we had together.. And I've been very mad at this person for a long time and I was glad that I found a way to look pass those bad things that happened between us because I realised that this person was actually one of my best friends and someone I really much enjoy spending my time with. Unfortunately I won't be able to see this person ever again..

 Fruits are yummy! I make myself fruit salad almost every day and I like to put some cinnamon on the top. Gives it some falvour :)

Yesterday I decided to go to the bar. I didn't take any money with me and wasn't planning to stay for long, max till 1am. But hey plans don't usually work and I was at home after 4am. I didn't drink much at all but my friends decided to buy me some drinks during the night. But I drank only three drinks which is nothing and I didn't even feel like I had drank anything. So I wasn't drunk or anything but for some reason my body still didn't like the alcohol.. When I got home I still felt okay. I washed my make up and brushed my teeth and went to sleep. Eveyrthing is good. Then I started waking up during the night when my muscles were strangely juddering. I thought that maybe I feel cold but Iäm too tired to feel the coldness. I drank some water and continues sleeping. Then I wake up at 7.30 am. I feel sick. Really sick and I was afraid of moving myself because I was afraid of throwing up. Then I thought that hey, I haven't drunk almost anything It's not possible to throw up! And I get up and try to reach for the water... and then I was running to toilet and thew up. Yes. I did it. And I'm still wondering that what happened last night. But it seems like I'm starting my life and an absolutist since this isn't the first time when my body can't take any alcohol. And it's disgusting!

Studying on my way to Helsinki!

And here are some random photos from the trip to Heureka, Vantaa last week on Friday. I went with some biolgoy class to visit an exhibition made with REAL DEAD bodies! It was about human body and I could see whole human bodies "standing" with only muscles on the bones or only blood vessels on them. And I could also see how a fetus grows into a real baby. And even those were real fetus and real dead baby. It was interesting to see these things and many people thought it is disgusting but you couldn't really see if they were real or not. Not unless you weren't thinking about it constantly. But unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take any pictures of the bodies and even though it would have been easy to photograph them without anyone noticing I wanted to respect the rules.

I was too scared to try that out. And now I regret that I didn't :(
Maria. Playing a memory game! :D I'm not sure was that meant for the children only..
And finally a very elegant (riiight..) picture of me in the planetarium where we were shown a great movie about cells. It was interesting and since it was planetarium, it felt like we were spinning! :D

And now I'm going to rest and eat chocolate and enjoy one day without my books.. Sorry for the lack of photos and posts I don't really have time now for blogging or anything else . But I'll get back to the business after my exams are over :)

by Bincci



So my Abiturient theme continues: Abiturient Cruising at M/S Silja Europa Helsinki-Tallinn! So as I told in my last post (view it here) we first had a beforeparty for Penkkarit on Wednesday, then we had the costume party, Penkkarit, on Thursday where I was dressed as Cleopatra and then on Friday we headed for Helsinki for a cruise.

Nypö, Kia, me :)
Susu, Ansku, Saara

There were probably 2000-3000 people on that boat where everyone was around 18-19 years old! I was arranging this whole thing so I was a bit stressed about how I'm going to get everyone to the bus in time and how I'm going to give everyone their tickets. But luckily people helped me and we got to the boat in time!

 Ville & Teemu

We got in at 6pm and headed immediately to the restaurant where we had this free buffet. I ate everything that was eatable for my palate! Potatoes, chicken, salmon, cakes, candies... Everything! But I spared myself from the wine and I'm glad that I did because some of the passengers already got themselves drunk in the buffet. Thank you wine!

 Anohter Ville!

 After the buffet we headed to our stateroom to get ready. I put my make up on, dressed up and straightened my hair. Then we almost ran to the main bar/club. It was pretty big and there was enough space to sit and dance. The dancefloor could have been bigger but only because there were so many of us. With a bit smaller crowd it would have been big enough!

I didn't want to waste any time so me and my friends rushed immediately to the dancefloor! It was so much fun. Dancing and shouting Mikkeli (my city) so much that other people from other cities got annoyed haha. Mikkeli was like the word of the day because most of the people were from my city and even the DJ loved us so much (because we were the loudest) that he was supporting us and shouting Mikkeli himself!

I can't really remember everything that happend (I wasn't drunk, there were just too many things happening) but however I had the time of my life! The boat was a great choice for partying. There were so many bars where you could dance and spend time. We also had some performers there like the comic/magician (he was performing to us the next day when most of the people had hangover) and then the band Apulanta. I don't like them so me and my friends went to another bar which was palying more like techno etc music. However, nothing lasts forwever so on Saturday at 3.15 pm we were back in Helsinki. Some people went to an afterparty when we came to Mikkeli but I was way too tried so I went home and slept like a log!

by Bincci
Ps. This was definitely one of the best experiances in my life including the Penkkarit and the last years' Wanhat (view here)!



Penkkarit! The last thing that I've been waiting for since I applied to high school! These photos are only from Wednesday and Thrusday. Friday and Saturday pictured are still to come but be patient. I have way too many pictured so I had to pick some of them to show you. I'm so excited about this hih :)

 I went to Kapu's place on Wednesday evening. We spent some time there with our drinks and music and prepairing for the evening. After couple of hours we headed to a bar where we had an arranged "beforeparty" . Everyone who is an abiturient (the last year of highschool) was there. It was nice to see my friends, dance and just enjoy without thinking about anything else. My worrying about health and studying (that I was bumbling about in my last post) seemed to be for nothing. I just took one moment at a time!

The next day I woke up at 7.30 am with only four hours of sleep. I took a shower, turned myself into a cleopatra and headed to school! We had this programme arranged by the second graders who "kicked us out" of school and became the oldest there (not that I complain about being kicked out!) . They put us on the stage and made us do stupid things, picked up the best costume and gave some medals.

 There were pretty cool costumes out there. One guy had dressed up as a toilet and one was a Duff man wich suited him well. He drank all the Duffs he had on his belt and went to refill them later! :D Later we went to our old junior high schools to throw some candy to the children. They were overjoyed and picking up the candy from the floor while we were shouting "Aamuja nolla!" ("Zero mornings") since we don't have to attend school anymore and we don't have to put our alarm at seven am every morning to get to school!

The high light of the day was driving in the truck. Every class made their own banners and attached them to the side of their truck. My class had a "Lukiolaisen evoluutio" ("Highschooler's evolution") with the Simpson theme, "Maailma näyttää erilaiselta vakioveikkaajan silmin" ("The world seems different from the pool punter's point of view") and "Älliä pukkaa! Huomenna terminaalihoitoon". We all climbed to the truck and then we took a ride around the city center where people (especially kids) had gathered to watch us and take photos of us. We threw a lot of candy at people and shouted out loud! It was so damn fun :D I could live that all over again.

And this song "Dirlandaa" was like the song of the weekend. Everyone was singing it and djs' were palying it and oh my God I can still hear that song in my ears :D

Later that day we went to eat in Amarillo and after that we had couple of hours free time. At eight started our afterparty in a bar or actually in two bars which were luckily side by side so I was running between them all the time :D I danced and met some friends that I hadn't seen for years. And it continued and continued untill at half past two I decided to go home to sleep and to get ready for the next day.

 By Bincci