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Today 13th of January is my bestfriend Yassu's birthday. So this post is dedicated to her!

 So how we met? The story starts from Mikkeli, Finland when a new arrival came to my school, Olga (the short haired girl in one of the pics:)). We became very good friends and I was spending all my time with her! She is a really nice girl and we keep contact still, though rarely. Still I love her very much and she will always be a very good friend of mine! However, she had to move to Joensuu. I became very sad because I was really worried that I would lose my friend. We conitnued talking through facebook and such and one day she told me that there is a girl in her class that looks exactly like me! So I got interested to see who that girl is and so Olga gave me Yassu's msn address!
And as lame as it sounds, our relationship started on internet! So internet love, it's true! And it can last! I learned to trust Yassu even before I had seen her. We talked every day and made our own inside jokes. She became my best friend.

  I saw her for the first time in 2007 (or in the beginning of 2008) when I visited my friend Olga in Joensuu. Meeting went well and I trusted Yassu even more :) After that we visited each other really often. Her parents liked me immediately and I liked them! Her father always said that now he has two doughters and my mom always said that now she has 4th one.

 Her friends Yumus Pumus and Mumus :)

Nowadays we don't often meat because we both have school and lots of books to study. But it doesn't matter. We keep contact every single day every single hour through Whatsapp. And that's the starngest thing.. usually when you need to keep contact like that it goes on for like a month and dies out. But we have continued this for almost 6 years now. And it never gets boring.
We have so many good memories together that we can laugh at. And we will continue making them!

Doğum günün kutlu olsun aşkımLove you Yassu! Happy 19th birthday :) 

by, Sabina


  1. You're so lucky to have such a great friend, and she's so lucky to have you :) Say "İyi ki doğdun" from me as well :)

    1. Tesekkur ederim :) I will pass your regards to her!

  2. super cute story!

    xo Jennifer