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Theme days and everything else

"If you really want to do something, you'll find away. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." This sentence has motivated me the most. It makes me study every day, workout many times a week and do exactly everything that I want to do! I don't know why this sentence got into me like this but I'm happy that I found it from and that I have found it so motivating. Anyways you see here pictures that I have found from the internet, mostly from weheartit. I did this for my psychology stress course. The task was to think about the things that we want in our life and put them into photos. Well I thought I'll do it a bit differently so I used some texts also that were to inspire me and of course I put some backup plans if things won't go as I want them to: Fuck school I'm going to marry someone rich! And why did we do this in Psychology lesson? The thing is that it's proven that if you put your dreams on paper so that you see it every day, you will start to make your dreams come true. It's some subconscious thing that people don't realise themselves. But I think this was interesting task and I'm looking forward to seeing does it work for me. I have started to study and exercise more devotedly and I have applied for many jobs already even though I usually leave it to the last minute. And excersise, studying and a job will get me to everything I need. Almost.

And let me open some of the photos for you.. I guess most of them are clear but many people have asked me about the sheep. The sheep represents my dream about my own farm and my own made food. I'm not a person who can stand not seeing asphalt for a long time but I do enjoy the countryside. And I know some people who have made arrangements so that they own the farm but someone else does the work. And the worker can use the production of the farm as much as he wants but also the owners can come and get some meat or veggies or fruits of there. I guess it would be an awesome way to live because then you could live in the center but eat the food that is produced exactly as you want to. No thinking about the food addatives that make your food toxic or things like that. So that's a dream that I would really love to make come true. And another is the ticket to Hogwarts. Well it represents my childhood dream about living the life that is described in Harry Potter series. But it also represents my dream to visit the places where Harry Potter was filmed. And of course to get all those books to myself! I've already started buying them one by one! I'm the eternal fan of Harry Potter and J.K Rowling! :D

But let's change to some shallow but funny things! I'm having my last week, or in fact my last three days, of high school. On Thursday I will have this huge exam and after that starts the normal exam week, but hey I won't have any exams! So I'm off with normal school and I'm soooo happy! I will have more time for myself and of course for studying to my final exams. But anyways... I didn't come to talk about my exams but about the Theme week at my school. So on Monday we had the pajama day at school so everyone had to put on their pajama. I had my new pajama on me plus my sweet teddy bear that I got as a present on my 5th birthday. It's really dear to me and he never leavs my bed! :) And on Tuesday, today, we had the Beach day! So yeppee I came to school with my flipflops, playsuit and lei. And yes it's winter and January and I live in Finland and it was -10 degrees.. Well it wasn't the clodest day possible, acutally it was pretty warm outside, but I still was frozen at school! But who cares I loves to put my beach clothes on haha! :D Tomorrow we have the 80's day but I don't have any outfit for it so I guess I will have to skip it :(

And now I'm going to sleep and tomorrow I'll spend my very last day of normal high school!



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