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The First of the 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year people! It's time to make our resolutions into real and now we have the opportunity to make new wonderful memories. So let's make this year full of good little things and couple big wonderful ones! How did your New Year's eve pass? :) 2013 is finally here but I think I still live in 2010. I just can't get to my head that time is actually going forward :D But maybe some day I'll realise that I'm not 16 years old anymore.. 
However, back to the New Year. I spent a nice quiet New Year's eve with my friends Kia and Niko and my sister Evi and her friend Eve. I had a nice time. We drank some Champagne brought from France, Pina Colada and Smirnoff Ice. And we of course ate some delicious chicken nuggets and a lot of chocolate! Yum! And do you know about this tradition of predicting the future from a tin? I had never done that before but I know that many people do it every year especially as a child and since Kia decided to bring us some tin, I thought that hey, I can finally try that! I found some creepy things from my tin and internet told me many good and bad things for the next year. But I hope that this year will contain more good things than bad though I will try to accept the bad things into my life also.
There was another tradition that I followed this year also: Fireworks. We had some fireworks to blow up ourselves and plus we went to see the city's own fireworks at 00:00 . I loved it ! :) Here are some pictures from the evening!


  1. ova zadnja slika je prekul! Sretna nova! :)

  2. You have the cutest smile! It seems that you had a wonderful New Years Eve, hope the rest of the year continues just as great :)

  3. Super blooooog !
    Jette un coup d'oeil a mon blog, il est nouveau, besoin d'avis
    A bientot :)