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Shopping and excersizing

Hello guys how are you? :) I'm having one of those positive days in my life when I want to smile all the time. Even when I walked outside alone I had this urge to smile all the time. So I took advantage of the situation everytime I saw some old people and smiled to them :D
My day started when I woke up at 8.00 am, ate some healthy smoothie and a banana. I had the whole day in front of me so I decided to go out jogging! I just love jogging. It was an early morning sun had risen up just before 9am when I got out and started running. Everyone was smiling at me and it felt so good! I didn't go for a long trip only for 30minutes but I'm so happy I did it. It was beautiful outside and I didn't even realise I was doing something sporty. I had a lot of clothes on (since it was -10 Degrees) and some music by Poets Of The Fall. I just love it! I know that most people are afride of running in the winter, I was too, but when you do it once you realise that it doesn't differ from running in the warm weather. You just need to put more clothes on!

I was at school for one hour. We have this exam week though I have only one exam and it isn't important. But we have some of the lessons in stead of an exam  and today I had the stress course lesson. I really loved to be there. We had some relaxing practices so I got some time to think about some pretty things like summer and the nature and all that. I love those stress course lessons dammit!
After school I went to get my 4 kilos of candy that I will be throwing at other people on 14th of Ferbruary. They look pretty bad so I won't be eating them myself. I guess that's a good thing..

While I was walking home I saw my friend Kia. Or actually she ran to me :D And we decided to go to the center. It was a very good idea since I found some new things! I've been needing this headband that I can use while jogging. And now I finally found a good one that doesn't pressure my head while I have glasses on. And I also found some new jewellery from Ginatricot sale. What do you think? :)

Now I'm going to study a bit and after that I'm going to meet some friends :) Have a nice weekend everyone and remember to respect your body; eat heatlhy and excersize!

by. Bincci

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