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Happy start of the week everyone! This picture represents my waking up with only 4 and half hours of sleep in the morning at 6:50 am. My bed just didn't want to let me go! Anyways..  I was waaay to tired today I was just looking for where I could lay so that I could sleep a bit. And when I'm really tired I'm also really weird.. I giggle all the time, I show my tongue five times in a minute, I'm irritating and very childish. So I think no one should be near me when I'm tired haha. Although I felt myself special afterwards since the person who made me stay up late brought me a Starbucks and Frezza coffee to school! Yummy! I'm not a coffee drinker but I do drink it occasionally, especially during my exam weeks. And Starbucks and Frezza always taste delicious :) So thank you!

 And back to the weekend... Yesterday was a fine day. I'm not a winter person and I've always been really bad in winter sports like iceskating and skiing. And actually there was this long long period in my life when I tried to avoid those sports as much as possible and when I honestly hated them more than anything! It just made me mad even when I thought about skates or particularly about skis.. When I got to high school and I wasn't anymore made to skii at school's PE lessons, I wanted to burn or at least break my skis. Though I'm happy my mom said no to my plans even though I have never used skiis after that and probably never will (or who knows what my friends have in plans). However last year at winter I went to ice skating for the first time in many many years so that it was my own decision to go (I did have some pressure from my friends but that's okay:D) and this year I did it again! It was really shameful at first since I was so insecure with the skates on my feet that I didn't wanna move (and everytime I did I nearly fell on my back.. wonderful) . In the end I did iceskate in a normal way (almost) and I realised that it's not as hard as it felt at first. And it wasn't awful so I could go again :) So here are some pics from the evening.


  1. Ice-skating looks very fun, unfortunately I've never tried it yet... And I get very mad and irritating if I'm tired so I guess it's better to be lively! :)

  2. Mihin menitte luistelee? Hänskiin? Toril o kans! :D

    1. Emolan kentälle :) Hänski oli tosi täynnä ja Torille en uskaltanu! (mikä osottautu viisaaks koska en oikeeesti meinannu pysyy aluks pystyssä!:D)

  3. beautiful photos...i love ice-skating !!
    maybe you would like to follow each other ? just let me know !!