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5th of January

Here is a fast post made on my phone! I just downloaded the blogger app on my zte android phone and I have to try it out! So anyways, it's Saturday evening already. The day has passed fast even though I woke up at 10am. In the morning I enjoyed my time on computer listening to some Poets of The Fall songs. That's my favorite band nowadays :) Have you ever heard of them? After having some alone time in my room, my sister Elvira and my parents decided that we should all go out together to eat something. We went to the Rami's confectionairy and after that had to visit H&M. I bought new earrings and a lipstick by Icon on this trip :) love them both! The downside of these new earrings is that they are really heavy. But it doesn't matter, I will wear them! These photos are from my Instagram though the earring photo isn't published there yet.

 And now to regular posting since I was too afraid to post by phone :) But looks liek everything would have been fine if I would have just pushed the publish button. Anyways, here is the day's outfit which is a bit boring because I was planning to stay home for the whole day. But at least I had a right enthusiasm for making my hair. So hello doughnut, you are back in my hair. I absolutely love it since it's easy to make and it looks really good! And I curled my bangs since it suites me better with bangs than no bangs when I have my hair up like this. Now back to studying.. I have studied the whole day and I need to continue. I read my first english book but have way too many to go .. Plus psychology plus math plus finnish language.. Good luck me!



  1. senki söpö <3 Mä syön täällä broilerifilee, wokki, salaattisekotusta<3 nam

  2. Lovely photos! I've never heard of the band, but I'll check them right away. As for your exams, good luck with them! :)