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Ain't the sky looking beautiful? There are some random photos from my Intsagram that I wanted to share with you. This sky photo is from the last week. One day I was walking to school and looked at the sky. It was all red and pinkish and my heart almost melted while looking at the beautiful view. I had to take picture of it. I haven't seen the sky so pretty in a really long time and it put a smile on my face. If days would always be so colorful, I bet people would be much happier and much more positive.

 I've changed my life upside down and I've done a lot of process lately. I used to eat very unhealthy and sit still on the sofa every day. I had an awful ache in my spine and I didn't do anything about it. I didn't know how to fix it. Then last summer I started to make some difference. Not to my eating habits, but to the amount of excersize I do. I bought a new sneakers and started jogging with my friend Kapu. It was an eye opener. First times the pain in my back went worse and my legs were always like marshmellows after those jogging trips. But I continued and learned to love going out and sweating! My back pain started to get better and better and after some time I realized that it didn't hurt much at all! :D I was overjoyed. 
Well I had a long pause in my jogging. I got a flu and after that came winter. I was afraid of going jogging while there is a lot of snow and many minus degrees. But one day I was going through old instagram pictures and found one where me and my friend Kapu were jogging. I started missing jogging so damn much. And that's when Kapu took advantage of the situation and asked if we could go jogging. And we went in -16 Degrees and guess what, it wasn't horrible! It gave me even more strength because I now knew that I could do anything. Nothing is impossible. And that's what I say to everyone who is like "wow, I wouldn't be able to do that" about running in -16 Degrees. It is possible and it doesn't feel horrible. Not even for me who hates winter and loves the summer and the warmth. 
Later I started to change my eating habits. I used to eat only 1-2 times per day and I gotta say that that is very unhealthy! Now I'm eating 4 to 5 times a day and make sure that I eat veggies and fruits every single day. I'm allergic to many fruits but there are some that I can eat :) And I use avocado a lot. It tastes awful but when you put it into your salad or smoothie with other vegetables and fruits, it doesn't taste at all but you get all those good vitamins that it contains. And one good trick for people who hate carrot (like I do), put one carrot to your smoothie. It will taste good in it!


And it's not only the eating and excersize that I've brought into my life. I've started studying and taking school seriously. I don't have any high school anymore but I will have my final exams that I'm studying for. And when I remember my goals, it doesn't feel so awful. To be honest I gotta admit that I actually enjoy studying. I learn so many things and I know that studying is the key for getting myself where I want to be in the future. Acutally I have to thank Kapu for this one. Once when we were jogging she started talking about how she realized that she actually has to work for the things she wants. She told how she has listened for years how people say that "you gotta work for your goals" but she never truly understood it. And that is what made me realise the same thing. When it came to studying, I always thought that I will just get the good grade without a lot of studying. When it came to health I trusted that I would get it one day even without trying. But that jogging trip made me realise that there are dreams that will always stay dreams if I don't make them happen. And that means work and sweat. 

Soon I will move away from this little city called Mikkeli. I've learned to love this place. I used to hate it and wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. But nowadays I respect it's silent way of living and it's beautiful forrests and lakes. This city was a perfect place fore growing up and maybe one day, if I decide to stay in Finland, I will come back here and raise my own children in this same city. But there are many many years ahead of me before that time :) 

 I haven't written anything so in-depth in a very long time. But well this is why I stared my blog in the first place: to tell everything that is going on in my mind. And maybe to share some motivation that is in me. And now, have a nice Sunday. Relax and gain some strenght for the following week!

by. Bincci


Shopping and excersizing

Hello guys how are you? :) I'm having one of those positive days in my life when I want to smile all the time. Even when I walked outside alone I had this urge to smile all the time. So I took advantage of the situation everytime I saw some old people and smiled to them :D
My day started when I woke up at 8.00 am, ate some healthy smoothie and a banana. I had the whole day in front of me so I decided to go out jogging! I just love jogging. It was an early morning sun had risen up just before 9am when I got out and started running. Everyone was smiling at me and it felt so good! I didn't go for a long trip only for 30minutes but I'm so happy I did it. It was beautiful outside and I didn't even realise I was doing something sporty. I had a lot of clothes on (since it was -10 Degrees) and some music by Poets Of The Fall. I just love it! I know that most people are afride of running in the winter, I was too, but when you do it once you realise that it doesn't differ from running in the warm weather. You just need to put more clothes on!

I was at school for one hour. We have this exam week though I have only one exam and it isn't important. But we have some of the lessons in stead of an exam  and today I had the stress course lesson. I really loved to be there. We had some relaxing practices so I got some time to think about some pretty things like summer and the nature and all that. I love those stress course lessons dammit!
After school I went to get my 4 kilos of candy that I will be throwing at other people on 14th of Ferbruary. They look pretty bad so I won't be eating them myself. I guess that's a good thing..

While I was walking home I saw my friend Kia. Or actually she ran to me :D And we decided to go to the center. It was a very good idea since I found some new things! I've been needing this headband that I can use while jogging. And now I finally found a good one that doesn't pressure my head while I have glasses on. And I also found some new jewellery from Ginatricot sale. What do you think? :)

Now I'm going to study a bit and after that I'm going to meet some friends :) Have a nice weekend everyone and remember to respect your body; eat heatlhy and excersize!

by. Bincci


Theme days and everything else

"If you really want to do something, you'll find away. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." This sentence has motivated me the most. It makes me study every day, workout many times a week and do exactly everything that I want to do! I don't know why this sentence got into me like this but I'm happy that I found it from and that I have found it so motivating. Anyways you see here pictures that I have found from the internet, mostly from weheartit. I did this for my psychology stress course. The task was to think about the things that we want in our life and put them into photos. Well I thought I'll do it a bit differently so I used some texts also that were to inspire me and of course I put some backup plans if things won't go as I want them to: Fuck school I'm going to marry someone rich! And why did we do this in Psychology lesson? The thing is that it's proven that if you put your dreams on paper so that you see it every day, you will start to make your dreams come true. It's some subconscious thing that people don't realise themselves. But I think this was interesting task and I'm looking forward to seeing does it work for me. I have started to study and exercise more devotedly and I have applied for many jobs already even though I usually leave it to the last minute. And excersise, studying and a job will get me to everything I need. Almost.

And let me open some of the photos for you.. I guess most of them are clear but many people have asked me about the sheep. The sheep represents my dream about my own farm and my own made food. I'm not a person who can stand not seeing asphalt for a long time but I do enjoy the countryside. And I know some people who have made arrangements so that they own the farm but someone else does the work. And the worker can use the production of the farm as much as he wants but also the owners can come and get some meat or veggies or fruits of there. I guess it would be an awesome way to live because then you could live in the center but eat the food that is produced exactly as you want to. No thinking about the food addatives that make your food toxic or things like that. So that's a dream that I would really love to make come true. And another is the ticket to Hogwarts. Well it represents my childhood dream about living the life that is described in Harry Potter series. But it also represents my dream to visit the places where Harry Potter was filmed. And of course to get all those books to myself! I've already started buying them one by one! I'm the eternal fan of Harry Potter and J.K Rowling! :D

But let's change to some shallow but funny things! I'm having my last week, or in fact my last three days, of high school. On Thursday I will have this huge exam and after that starts the normal exam week, but hey I won't have any exams! So I'm off with normal school and I'm soooo happy! I will have more time for myself and of course for studying to my final exams. But anyways... I didn't come to talk about my exams but about the Theme week at my school. So on Monday we had the pajama day at school so everyone had to put on their pajama. I had my new pajama on me plus my sweet teddy bear that I got as a present on my 5th birthday. It's really dear to me and he never leavs my bed! :) And on Tuesday, today, we had the Beach day! So yeppee I came to school with my flipflops, playsuit and lei. And yes it's winter and January and I live in Finland and it was -10 degrees.. Well it wasn't the clodest day possible, acutally it was pretty warm outside, but I still was frozen at school! But who cares I loves to put my beach clothes on haha! :D Tomorrow we have the 80's day but I don't have any outfit for it so I guess I will have to skip it :(

And now I'm going to sleep and tomorrow I'll spend my very last day of normal high school!





So I'm on my way to bar so this post isn't maybe the best one to this situation. But anyways I don't know why but I thought I could make a workout motivation post. I'm so into working out nowadays. I just went jogging with my friend Kapu on Saturday when it was -16 Degrees outside! But damn that feeling afterwards. It was awesome! Now I've been feeling sick for couple of days but tomorrow I hope that I'll get back on doing squats!
I thought that maybe I could put some of this inspiration into you! So enjoy the pictures and tomorrow the first thing in the morning, go jogging :) It will make you feel much better. Promise! And remember to eat healthy and SQUAT :)


Zemer ♥

Today 13th of January is my bestfriend Yassu's birthday. So this post is dedicated to her!

 So how we met? The story starts from Mikkeli, Finland when a new arrival came to my school, Olga (the short haired girl in one of the pics:)). We became very good friends and I was spending all my time with her! She is a really nice girl and we keep contact still, though rarely. Still I love her very much and she will always be a very good friend of mine! However, she had to move to Joensuu. I became very sad because I was really worried that I would lose my friend. We conitnued talking through facebook and such and one day she told me that there is a girl in her class that looks exactly like me! So I got interested to see who that girl is and so Olga gave me Yassu's msn address!
And as lame as it sounds, our relationship started on internet! So internet love, it's true! And it can last! I learned to trust Yassu even before I had seen her. We talked every day and made our own inside jokes. She became my best friend.

  I saw her for the first time in 2007 (or in the beginning of 2008) when I visited my friend Olga in Joensuu. Meeting went well and I trusted Yassu even more :) After that we visited each other really often. Her parents liked me immediately and I liked them! Her father always said that now he has two doughters and my mom always said that now she has 4th one.

 Her friends Yumus Pumus and Mumus :)

Nowadays we don't often meat because we both have school and lots of books to study. But it doesn't matter. We keep contact every single day every single hour through Whatsapp. And that's the starngest thing.. usually when you need to keep contact like that it goes on for like a month and dies out. But we have continued this for almost 6 years now. And it never gets boring.
We have so many good memories together that we can laugh at. And we will continue making them!

Doğum günün kutlu olsun aşkımLove you Yassu! Happy 19th birthday :) 

by, Sabina



So I thought that I could make some Instagram posts here time to time to keep you guys up to date. So here are some photos that I have lately updated to Instagram. If you want to follow me just type @grumfus.

And I wanna wish you all a great weekend :) Friday, we love you!



Happy start of the week everyone! This picture represents my waking up with only 4 and half hours of sleep in the morning at 6:50 am. My bed just didn't want to let me go! Anyways..  I was waaay to tired today I was just looking for where I could lay so that I could sleep a bit. And when I'm really tired I'm also really weird.. I giggle all the time, I show my tongue five times in a minute, I'm irritating and very childish. So I think no one should be near me when I'm tired haha. Although I felt myself special afterwards since the person who made me stay up late brought me a Starbucks and Frezza coffee to school! Yummy! I'm not a coffee drinker but I do drink it occasionally, especially during my exam weeks. And Starbucks and Frezza always taste delicious :) So thank you!

 And back to the weekend... Yesterday was a fine day. I'm not a winter person and I've always been really bad in winter sports like iceskating and skiing. And actually there was this long long period in my life when I tried to avoid those sports as much as possible and when I honestly hated them more than anything! It just made me mad even when I thought about skates or particularly about skis.. When I got to high school and I wasn't anymore made to skii at school's PE lessons, I wanted to burn or at least break my skis. Though I'm happy my mom said no to my plans even though I have never used skiis after that and probably never will (or who knows what my friends have in plans). However last year at winter I went to ice skating for the first time in many many years so that it was my own decision to go (I did have some pressure from my friends but that's okay:D) and this year I did it again! It was really shameful at first since I was so insecure with the skates on my feet that I didn't wanna move (and everytime I did I nearly fell on my back.. wonderful) . In the end I did iceskate in a normal way (almost) and I realised that it's not as hard as it felt at first. And it wasn't awful so I could go again :) So here are some pics from the evening.