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tea party

Last week on Friday 30th of November I was at my friends' and her boyfriends' birthdayparty. They decided to celebrate them together since their brithdays are so close. I was really tired that day but couldn't say no for a party! My sister Evi made my hair since I'm not good in hair dressing. Looks good doesn't it? :) I was wearing my new clothes. Shirt from H&M, necklace from Seppälä and jeans by BikBok. Love them all! :)

A sweet couple, the birthday couple Susu&Masa (Susanna and Matias)


So we were dancing, drinking, laughing, eating, taking pictures, drawing... everything! And I had so much fun! I was dancing the whole night with my friends and got to know some new people. Loved it! I gotta admit that my party moods come very rarely now, almost never. But I don't hold back when I do end up to a party. I love dancing more than anything! Just put the music on and I'm already moving! :D But I think the pictures tell you more than my words can, so enjoy the pics!




  1. Kako samo fotografije odlično izgledaju :D
    A ti si mi prelijepa :)

  2. Slazem se sa prethodnim komentarom :D
    Super ti je frizura!

  3. Super ti je frizura! Very nice.
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Govorim samo pomalo bosanski. ;-)


  4. Hi, how are you?
    You look really pretty! Love your necklace! :)