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Stuck in 2012

I just noticed in how big hurry I am. I have decided to make these New Year's posts but I also have these old pictures that I should post before the New Year so yes I'm in a rush! Tomorrow I will make one very long post or maybe two shorter ones but anyways I'll try to make them as well as possible! New Year's eve is tomorrow and I still don't have any plans. Luckily I'm not into partying so I'm okay if I spend my New Year somewhere quiet and cosy. Though I do wanna see the fireworks. There is no new year without them! :)

The first photos are taken yesterday (and some today). I have my new shirt on from H&M and a bracelet from Lindex. I love them both and I couldn't help but to wear them as soon as possible! And I got the picture of our New year's tree. Look at the elf, isn't it cute? :)

Tomorrow will be the last day of 2012. What do you want to do on your last day of this amazing year?



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