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Oh yes, I'm the worst blogger ever. I was acutally shocked when I realised that I've written only ONE post this month. Can you believe that? One post during December! :D But let me do my first New Year's resolution (since the world didn't end and we have the opportunity to continue our lovely lives) by promising to you and to myself that I will be blogging more! No forgetting my blog for a really long time like now.

The days have been really cold this week. There has been temperatures from -20 to -30 Degrees. Luckily I have nice warm clothes.. Oh and by the way I just bought a new jacket yesterday. I will show it to you in my next post :) This is a promise! (Which I will try to keep..) However, I have this hate-love-relationship towards coldness. I do like snow, because it's white and looks good. And coldness itself.. Well I love it as long as I don't have to stay out for long. I'm not one of those people who knows how to dress warm. I do have this big furry hat and warm jacket but they exist in my closet because they are beautiful, not because they are warm. My jeans are really thin and I never get to my head that I could actually use thick socks so that my feet wouldn't get cold. But one thing I love in cold weather is that it makes trees and everything look so pretty! Like in these photos. Trees are frozen and because of that they look unbelievably beautiful! What about you guys, what do you think about winter, snow and coldness? :) Anything positive to say about these things?

These days have also been the party days. I've been coming home too late every night and going out too much. But now it will have to stop and studying has to begin! But let's enjoy a bit more. These photos are from my friend Kapu's birthdayparty two weeks ago. We had a lot of fun! The theme was Angel or Devil. 

My family doesn't celebrate Christmas though we have a "New Year's tree", a white spruce. I have taken photos of it but only by phone so you won't be seeing it yet. But another promise (this post seems to be about promises):  You will be seeing it in my next post! But anyways I wish to you all Marry Christmas :) Spend it with your family, eat some good food and remember to smile.



  1. Yay! Promise for more posts, looking forward for it. As for the cold weather, I know how you feel, well sort of, here it went -1 for a day and I almost cried because of the cold, I don't know what I'd do if the weather was -20, brrrr. Good luck with that, and wear 283492304 of clothes so that you won't get sick. :)

    1. Haha -1 is almost summer for me but I understand you :D And I'll definitely try to put some more clothes on!

  2. Amazing post!! :)
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