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Christmas is over and stores are full of Sale-signs. So while I was sitting home half dead my mom called me in excited voice: "Sabina, there are too many things on sale! Come and buy something!" And well.. you don't say no to your mom do you? :) I didn't buy much because I was feeling sick all day. But I couldn't go home without anything with me so I bought these small things and tomorrow I'm going with my friend Kia to see what is left in the stores. Today I bought a new headband and these pretty golden (and silver) bracelets from H&M. I also bought a hairdoughnut! And since I promised a photo of my new jacket from H&M... here it is :)

But these photos are from long ago. Or at least it feels that way... There was this event called Studia in Helsinki where there were all universities introducing themselves from all around Finland (and also some foreign). We went to this even with school and when we had gone through all the universities that we were interested in, we took a bus to the center of Helsinki. It wasn't a shopping trip for me but I walked with my friends and said yes or no to the things they wanted to buy. And yes, I was the paparazzi and someone seemed to like the flash of my camera.

Now .. There are 4 days left of the 2012! (Even though it feels like a month ago when I made my last New Year's post lol) Any plans for the New Year's eve? :)

Ps. Happy birthday Daddy


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