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Time for the new stories to come

Here it is. The last post of 2012.. That's sad! When I look at my blog, I'm shocked. It feels like I did the last New Year's post like a month ago. And look at the numbers! In the year of 2011 I wrote 107 posts and 2012 I wrote only 66? That's lame huh? So let's do better next year right? :)

Every New Year I start to think about the past. And the future. It's kinda confusing. So let's get back in time first.. When you look back in the last year, do you see a change in yourself? Because I do. Maybe not from the outside. Maybe my readers don't see it because I'm sometimes very shallow in my blog. But let's see. Is the winner 2011 or 2012? For me 2011 was kinda boring. I had some things last year that I was struggling with. My relationships were complicated. I wanted to get to know with some new people and I wanted to get rid of others.. No I'm not a person who leaves her friends for nothing. But last year seemed to be a change for many people as well so it got complicated. And I have to admit, I wasn't nearly as happy then than I am right now. The begging of 2012 was the time when I finally decided that I have to do something that would change things around me. I got a job, I lost some friends, I left the previous and got involved with new relationship. Everything was very complicated at first but somehow I knew it would all come to a good point. And it did. My new acquaintances helped me to find myself and put things to new priorities. So 2012, thank you. You couldn't have been better :) And here are the highlight of my 2012 .. Or maybe not the highlights but anyways the pictures that I've got!

And then we need to continue to the new things... 2013. Here I come! What do I wish for the next year? There will be many changes.. I will have to apply to a university, before that I need to take a part to big exams which will be my keys to a university. And I don't know how well with that go. After applying.. I need to move away. I have been living in the same city for 18 years. First I hated it, now I love it. This little town has become a beautiful small city where I love to be. It's peaceful, but not dead. It's beatiful with a lot of forests and lakes. I live in the center but it's easy to escape to the nature. But no, I have to leave this place and go to the unknown. And I hate the unknown. Or maybe I love it but I fear it. But you know what they say, You have to win your fears :) So yes, I am excited of the new things that will happen. I just know that there will be many emotions involved, there will be a test which will measure my relationships. Some may last, some may not. And I do hope for the best. There are maybe not so many people in this city that I would trust with my life, but those that I care about, I really want to stay around them as long as possible. But let's give the fate to decide for me.

New Year's resolutions.. Soon it's time to make them coem true. Here is a small list of my resoltuions:

- Face your fears.

- Live by your goals.

- Be strong!

- Make your priorities right. Nothing comes before the health so cherish it, you will need it!

- Think positive, be open minded.

- Keep your room steady! :D

So now we should all get ready to face the change! 2013, Here we come! I wish you all the best New Year ever!


Stuck in 2012

I just noticed in how big hurry I am. I have decided to make these New Year's posts but I also have these old pictures that I should post before the New Year so yes I'm in a rush! Tomorrow I will make one very long post or maybe two shorter ones but anyways I'll try to make them as well as possible! New Year's eve is tomorrow and I still don't have any plans. Luckily I'm not into partying so I'm okay if I spend my New Year somewhere quiet and cosy. Though I do wanna see the fireworks. There is no new year without them! :)

The first photos are taken yesterday (and some today). I have my new shirt on from H&M and a bracelet from Lindex. I love them both and I couldn't help but to wear them as soon as possible! And I got the picture of our New year's tree. Look at the elf, isn't it cute? :)

Tomorrow will be the last day of 2012. What do you want to do on your last day of this amazing year?





Christmas is over and stores are full of Sale-signs. So while I was sitting home half dead my mom called me in excited voice: "Sabina, there are too many things on sale! Come and buy something!" And well.. you don't say no to your mom do you? :) I didn't buy much because I was feeling sick all day. But I couldn't go home without anything with me so I bought these small things and tomorrow I'm going with my friend Kia to see what is left in the stores. Today I bought a new headband and these pretty golden (and silver) bracelets from H&M. I also bought a hairdoughnut! And since I promised a photo of my new jacket from H&M... here it is :)

But these photos are from long ago. Or at least it feels that way... There was this event called Studia in Helsinki where there were all universities introducing themselves from all around Finland (and also some foreign). We went to this even with school and when we had gone through all the universities that we were interested in, we took a bus to the center of Helsinki. It wasn't a shopping trip for me but I walked with my friends and said yes or no to the things they wanted to buy. And yes, I was the paparazzi and someone seemed to like the flash of my camera.

Now .. There are 4 days left of the 2012! (Even though it feels like a month ago when I made my last New Year's post lol) Any plans for the New Year's eve? :)

Ps. Happy birthday Daddy




Oh yes, I'm the worst blogger ever. I was acutally shocked when I realised that I've written only ONE post this month. Can you believe that? One post during December! :D But let me do my first New Year's resolution (since the world didn't end and we have the opportunity to continue our lovely lives) by promising to you and to myself that I will be blogging more! No forgetting my blog for a really long time like now.

The days have been really cold this week. There has been temperatures from -20 to -30 Degrees. Luckily I have nice warm clothes.. Oh and by the way I just bought a new jacket yesterday. I will show it to you in my next post :) This is a promise! (Which I will try to keep..) However, I have this hate-love-relationship towards coldness. I do like snow, because it's white and looks good. And coldness itself.. Well I love it as long as I don't have to stay out for long. I'm not one of those people who knows how to dress warm. I do have this big furry hat and warm jacket but they exist in my closet because they are beautiful, not because they are warm. My jeans are really thin and I never get to my head that I could actually use thick socks so that my feet wouldn't get cold. But one thing I love in cold weather is that it makes trees and everything look so pretty! Like in these photos. Trees are frozen and because of that they look unbelievably beautiful! What about you guys, what do you think about winter, snow and coldness? :) Anything positive to say about these things?

These days have also been the party days. I've been coming home too late every night and going out too much. But now it will have to stop and studying has to begin! But let's enjoy a bit more. These photos are from my friend Kapu's birthdayparty two weeks ago. We had a lot of fun! The theme was Angel or Devil. 

My family doesn't celebrate Christmas though we have a "New Year's tree", a white spruce. I have taken photos of it but only by phone so you won't be seeing it yet. But another promise (this post seems to be about promises):  You will be seeing it in my next post! But anyways I wish to you all Marry Christmas :) Spend it with your family, eat some good food and remember to smile.