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  As my Finnish readers may already suspect from the head line I got my final exam results today. So for those people who don't know about this here is a small info: In Finland (or in Scandinavia perhaps?) if you want to graduate from high school you need to take part in at least 4 exams. So I took part in 3 exams now in autumn and I have 3 to come after February and March.
 Since I didn't do my best in my Psychology exam I will be doing it again in March. So good luck to me! Luckily all the others, Swedish and "health education" ended up well. So I have 3+1 exams next time dammit...
I took these pictures so you can see how much I need to study. There are all my psychology books except one that I can't find, math and english. Plus I have Finnish that I really can't study :D

But let's get back to the time when I didn't know I would get my results from YTL today ..

... And this is how I looked like after I receaved the awful "Results are here!" message:

 ps. I'm not planning to read only school books... I've become some kind of bookworm. First I read A Thousand Splendid Sun by Khaled Hosseini, then I started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcere's Stone by J.K Rowling and now I just couldn't resist going to the library and get me a new book to read: Gardners of Water by Alan Drew.

So remember, there are no results without work. Not at school, not at work and not in life. So kick your own ass and do it, because if you don't step up you better not moan afterwards.

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  1. :) you look so cute..
    i enjoyed reading your post :)

  2. hahaa
    you still look cute when having the result ;D