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Wednesday. Yes, it's here and we are all ready for the weekend again! Or at least I am.. I've been so so very hardworking this week. I have done my homework every time, I have studied on my free time, I have started doing workouts again... Oh I love this!

I used to go jogging and I really really love jogging but now it's already too cold and slippery outside so I have to stop untill the snow melts again in spring. For couple of weeks I didn't do any workouts on my free time really and I felt really lazy. I was very tired after school and I slept A LOT and all the time. Though I have this aerobics- course at school so I had to move my butt at least three times a week haha! :D But hey, I'm back among the living! Yesterday I went through some workout tutorials in Youtube and found some nice workouts by Bodyrocker. Well I couldn't do as much as the bodyrocker lady said I should, but my muscles got sore so I guess it worked anyway ;D My goal is now to do those workouts without struggling too much! Here is the workout that I did:

Unfortunately all those workout videos are made to look like porn... But they are not :D So let's not give Youtube the power to trick us :) I have also changed my eating habits. I told you already in the previous post that I have stopped eating fast food and all sweets and cookies. In stead of that unhealthy food I have started eating salads, vegetables, meet ... well let's say everything! And I hope this will lead to something. And actually it already has: I'm feeling much better! Now I just have to keep sure that I'm eating enough. Not eating is the worse way to lose weight and it's also the worst thing you can do to your lovely mind.

 Enough with the health crap! Today I had my school photos taken! I woke up earlier than usually (I love sleeping more than anything so in stead of waking up at 6.50am my alarm clock rang at 6.45am :)), put more make up than usually and curled my hair with a straightener.

 Shirt/Blazer H&M | Jeans BikBok | Necklace KappAhl

In the end I just put on a smile and enjoyed :) After school I went out with my friend Kia. We went to city's local confectionary "Ramin Konditoria" that makes the best baguettes, cakes and cacaos that I've ever tasted. So if you are going to visit Mikkeli, you need to go to Ramin Konditoria in stead of a Subway! It's an order :) Me and Kia also visited a toyshop where I really had fun with this bunny toy that repeated everything I said haha! Made me laugh :D If I were a kid I would buy it immediately.

Enjoy your life and try to take the best out of it. If you think you need a change, don't just think but do it. And remember to look at the mirror and say "Hello beautiful!". That's how we keep ourselves smiling during the winter :)




  1. Dreamt of you :---D

    1. Oh? :D And who are you if I may ask? What was I doing in your dream , or was it an nightmare haha? :D

  2. I didn't know you had more people you related :--D to :)

    1. usually people use it as a smiley, Bane ;) nice to know that im on your mind haha.

    2. Can't help my subconscious, not my choice.