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Plus and minuses

For the whole day I've been reading the bad news. When I woke up, tv was on and there were news about how Israel had bombed Ghaza during the night. Horrible. After that there was a document about some horrible plaincrash where many people were killed. Later there was a document about how world is ending and how some people have started preparing themselves and their families by making some shelters and by hoarding food. Horrible. But there was more .. It was time for news again: three people were killed in Finland because of a jealousy. 49 children died in Egypt because some guard had fallen asleep. And after that 12 more in a crash. Beautiful world we have here, eh? And the reason why I saw all this is because I've been studying in living room whole day (except for couple of hours when I was in center with my parents) and tv has naturally been on for the whole day. I gotta say this all kind of made me go sad. And I just need something positive right now. And even if some crappy clothes don't seem so important after hearing all this, I'm trying to remove this all from my mind and think about something more positive. So let's start with clothes.

 Yesterday I went out with my mom for shopping. I found this gorgeous white shirt from H&M. I absolutely fell in love with it and I couldn't just leave it to the store. And you know what makes me even more happy? The fact that I've been moaning how I haven't found any pretty shirts from shops lately and now I did find one worth buying. And I really adore this one! After leaving H&M I went to Seppälä where I couldn't help noticing the necklace. Golden color, beautiful shape and amazing patterning. Just perfect for my collection. But I didn't stop there. I also found this perfect lipstick from Seppälä. Yes, it's all cheap but I don't care. As long as it feels good on my lips and looks good, I buy it. I'm not really the girl of brand or money, I buy what I like. No matter does it cost 1€ or 500€. Though I probably wouldn't have money for the latter. I also bought something else but I'll keep that one as a secret. You will see it in February :)

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  1. ooh ! i love the
    lace shirt and your necklace !!
    it would be great on you <3

  2. love this!!!

  3. Thank you Sabina for your top 5! :) <3

    1. No problem :) I just like your blog really much! Beautiful photos and good topics and it isn't shallow at all! And I hate shallow haha :D