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Today is a father's day in Finland so Happy father's day to all dads around the world! Let them all feel like King of the Day and heroes of the planet. Let them have a nice day with their family and get many huggs from their childer :)

We celebrated our dad at home. We made him a cake, bought him a beautiful briefcase, made food and gave him a card for the father's day. And of course we kept sure that he is smiling :)!

Yes, I think daddy got crazy when we were taking too many pictures of him... :D Funny.

We ate some vegetablesoup, lasagna (not in the picutre) and chickensalad. And with that we had some white wine :) Lasagna and the cheesecake were my favorite. I haven't been eating any sweets or cakes or cookies etc for couple of weeks and I'm not allowed to eat them again before 22th of December but today I let myself take a one piece of it. This sounds like some eating disorder thing but it's actually because my eating habits have gone over the line and I'm just trying to change them a bit. After this "strike" stops I'm going back to the world of chocolate (YUMMY!) but hopefully I can also resist it sometimes :P Now it hasn't been working haha.

Anyone Can Be A Father But It Takes A Real Man To Be A Dad!