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Count your rainbows, Not your thunderstorms

 A lot of things have happened. Bajram, a muslim celebration, was.. some time ago. I bought my sisters' presents and they bought something for me :) This picture and the frame was a part of the present that my sister Hermina gave me. I absolutely love it! :)

 School has been stressing but what can I do. I gotta go there and I need to study. I'm glad that I have taken school more seriously lately. I'm doing my homework and actually studying. Actually me and my friends Kapu and Ellu are keeping math-nights almost every week. Last time we had it on Thursday when we did math for three hours! Incredible for three lazy people like we are haha! :D

 This outfit I wore on Friday. My Gina Tricot jeans and bandeau, shirt and blazer from H&M and owl necklase, as a gift, from Paris, France :) I loved this outfit. Especially the blazer which is actually my mom's but she doesn't wear it that often so I borrow it sometimes. Haha. Like it? :)

  Friday evening I spent with Kapu and Ellu again. We ate salad and these delicious chocolate strawberries. Or actually they ate them because I have fobidden myself from eating chocoalte untill 22. of December. Chocolate, sweets and fast food. See you again in December! Dammit..

Friday was a nice day. I drank a bit, and only a bit. We coloured Ellu's hair to black and polished our nails. It was a good ladies' night :)

On Saturday I left to Kuopio, where my sister Hermina lives. Also my other sister Elvira came there with her friend Eveliina. We went to this new shopping center Masku where they opened many new stores, including New Yorker and BikBok which are the first in Finland! It's so damn weird that they open those stores in Kuopio first and not to Helsinki haha. But it only means that I'm going to visit Hermina more often :P I didn't have much money but I bought these jeans and polish from BikBok. I really love these new jeans even though they are way too long for me. They just fit so perfectly and they are tight but they definitely don't feel like it. Love 'em!

And now I'm going to wish you all a great week :)



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