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Breaking Dawn

Yesterday was a movie day. Me and my eight friends went to see the glittering Robert Pattinson.. Twilight Saga's last part Breaking Dawn. I have read the books and I absolutely love them. Though I gotta admit that the movies aren't so great. They are way to cliché and I don't like the actors at all. Jacob's and Charlies actors are the only ones I like in these movies. But Robert Pattinson? Glitterin? Helloooooo Stephenie Meyer you could have found some less hairy man for the job! Or at least you could have sent him to vaxing.

Though we had a nice evening :) And even if the movies aren't super duper good it's nice to watch them. Sad that all the good books have already ended, Harry Potter, Twilight and the Lord of the Rings. And the movies have also been produced and watched already. But luckily we still have "The Hobit" left. I'm so gonna watch that movie! I love the trailer and I love the whole Lord of the Rings thing! Fantacy books and movies. That's what I like.




  1. i haven't watched! haha i love your objectivity, girl. most girls i know are blinded by the so called handsomeness of Edward and Jacob that they are obsessed with the movie, everything about it. i never really enjoyed twilight due to it being so cliche. i heard a lot of times that the books are way better indeed.


    1. Oh yes, the books are great, though they are a bit cliche also. Though for some reason it suits to the story. Cliche book is way much better than a cliche movie I guess haha :D