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Breaking Dawn

Yesterday was a movie day. Me and my eight friends went to see the glittering Robert Pattinson.. Twilight Saga's last part Breaking Dawn. I have read the books and I absolutely love them. Though I gotta admit that the movies aren't so great. They are way to cliché and I don't like the actors at all. Jacob's and Charlies actors are the only ones I like in these movies. But Robert Pattinson? Glitterin? Helloooooo Stephenie Meyer you could have found some less hairy man for the job! Or at least you could have sent him to vaxing.

Though we had a nice evening :) And even if the movies aren't super duper good it's nice to watch them. Sad that all the good books have already ended, Harry Potter, Twilight and the Lord of the Rings. And the movies have also been produced and watched already. But luckily we still have "The Hobit" left. I'm so gonna watch that movie! I love the trailer and I love the whole Lord of the Rings thing! Fantacy books and movies. That's what I like.




Plus and minuses

For the whole day I've been reading the bad news. When I woke up, tv was on and there were news about how Israel had bombed Ghaza during the night. Horrible. After that there was a document about some horrible plaincrash where many people were killed. Later there was a document about how world is ending and how some people have started preparing themselves and their families by making some shelters and by hoarding food. Horrible. But there was more .. It was time for news again: three people were killed in Finland because of a jealousy. 49 children died in Egypt because some guard had fallen asleep. And after that 12 more in a crash. Beautiful world we have here, eh? And the reason why I saw all this is because I've been studying in living room whole day (except for couple of hours when I was in center with my parents) and tv has naturally been on for the whole day. I gotta say this all kind of made me go sad. And I just need something positive right now. And even if some crappy clothes don't seem so important after hearing all this, I'm trying to remove this all from my mind and think about something more positive. So let's start with clothes.

 Yesterday I went out with my mom for shopping. I found this gorgeous white shirt from H&M. I absolutely fell in love with it and I couldn't just leave it to the store. And you know what makes me even more happy? The fact that I've been moaning how I haven't found any pretty shirts from shops lately and now I did find one worth buying. And I really adore this one! After leaving H&M I went to Seppälä where I couldn't help noticing the necklace. Golden color, beautiful shape and amazing patterning. Just perfect for my collection. But I didn't stop there. I also found this perfect lipstick from Seppälä. Yes, it's all cheap but I don't care. As long as it feels good on my lips and looks good, I buy it. I'm not really the girl of brand or money, I buy what I like. No matter does it cost 1€ or 500€. Though I probably wouldn't have money for the latter. I also bought something else but I'll keep that one as a secret. You will see it in February :)

And for the positive mind and inspiration, here are some pictures from

And for sharing my laughter:

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  As my Finnish readers may already suspect from the head line I got my final exam results today. So for those people who don't know about this here is a small info: In Finland (or in Scandinavia perhaps?) if you want to graduate from high school you need to take part in at least 4 exams. So I took part in 3 exams now in autumn and I have 3 to come after February and March.
 Since I didn't do my best in my Psychology exam I will be doing it again in March. So good luck to me! Luckily all the others, Swedish and "health education" ended up well. So I have 3+1 exams next time dammit...
I took these pictures so you can see how much I need to study. There are all my psychology books except one that I can't find, math and english. Plus I have Finnish that I really can't study :D

But let's get back to the time when I didn't know I would get my results from YTL today ..

... And this is how I looked like after I receaved the awful "Results are here!" message:

 ps. I'm not planning to read only school books... I've become some kind of bookworm. First I read A Thousand Splendid Sun by Khaled Hosseini, then I started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcere's Stone by J.K Rowling and now I just couldn't resist going to the library and get me a new book to read: Gardners of Water by Alan Drew.

So remember, there are no results without work. Not at school, not at work and not in life. So kick your own ass and do it, because if you don't step up you better not moan afterwards.

Picutre from




So here is a challenge from Miia from Hello Fascination. She challenged everyone who read her "And that's who I am" post . So here I am accepting the challenge! Pictures are from .

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to write anything here but I'll just explain the photos very shortly: My family is originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina so let's say I'm a Bosnian :)

People used to call me (and still do) Sabina Apina and Apina means a Monkey :)

Moments that have not been captured on a camera, have not happened.

Sunbathing, books and dancing are my passion.

And let's not forget the summer, freedom, small cute things and sleep

  So now I challenge everyone who wants to do this post to do it haha. Sorry I'm lazy to put names!
 Back to school, byebye :)





Today is a father's day in Finland so Happy father's day to all dads around the world! Let them all feel like King of the Day and heroes of the planet. Let them have a nice day with their family and get many huggs from their childer :)

We celebrated our dad at home. We made him a cake, bought him a beautiful briefcase, made food and gave him a card for the father's day. And of course we kept sure that he is smiling :)!

Yes, I think daddy got crazy when we were taking too many pictures of him... :D Funny.

We ate some vegetablesoup, lasagna (not in the picutre) and chickensalad. And with that we had some white wine :) Lasagna and the cheesecake were my favorite. I haven't been eating any sweets or cakes or cookies etc for couple of weeks and I'm not allowed to eat them again before 22th of December but today I let myself take a one piece of it. This sounds like some eating disorder thing but it's actually because my eating habits have gone over the line and I'm just trying to change them a bit. After this "strike" stops I'm going back to the world of chocolate (YUMMY!) but hopefully I can also resist it sometimes :P Now it hasn't been working haha.

Anyone Can Be A Father But It Takes A Real Man To Be A Dad! 





Wednesday. Yes, it's here and we are all ready for the weekend again! Or at least I am.. I've been so so very hardworking this week. I have done my homework every time, I have studied on my free time, I have started doing workouts again... Oh I love this!

I used to go jogging and I really really love jogging but now it's already too cold and slippery outside so I have to stop untill the snow melts again in spring. For couple of weeks I didn't do any workouts on my free time really and I felt really lazy. I was very tired after school and I slept A LOT and all the time. Though I have this aerobics- course at school so I had to move my butt at least three times a week haha! :D But hey, I'm back among the living! Yesterday I went through some workout tutorials in Youtube and found some nice workouts by Bodyrocker. Well I couldn't do as much as the bodyrocker lady said I should, but my muscles got sore so I guess it worked anyway ;D My goal is now to do those workouts without struggling too much! Here is the workout that I did:

Unfortunately all those workout videos are made to look like porn... But they are not :D So let's not give Youtube the power to trick us :) I have also changed my eating habits. I told you already in the previous post that I have stopped eating fast food and all sweets and cookies. In stead of that unhealthy food I have started eating salads, vegetables, meet ... well let's say everything! And I hope this will lead to something. And actually it already has: I'm feeling much better! Now I just have to keep sure that I'm eating enough. Not eating is the worse way to lose weight and it's also the worst thing you can do to your lovely mind.

 Enough with the health crap! Today I had my school photos taken! I woke up earlier than usually (I love sleeping more than anything so in stead of waking up at 6.50am my alarm clock rang at 6.45am :)), put more make up than usually and curled my hair with a straightener.

 Shirt/Blazer H&M | Jeans BikBok | Necklace KappAhl

In the end I just put on a smile and enjoyed :) After school I went out with my friend Kia. We went to city's local confectionary "Ramin Konditoria" that makes the best baguettes, cakes and cacaos that I've ever tasted. So if you are going to visit Mikkeli, you need to go to Ramin Konditoria in stead of a Subway! It's an order :) Me and Kia also visited a toyshop where I really had fun with this bunny toy that repeated everything I said haha! Made me laugh :D If I were a kid I would buy it immediately.

Enjoy your life and try to take the best out of it. If you think you need a change, don't just think but do it. And remember to look at the mirror and say "Hello beautiful!". That's how we keep ourselves smiling during the winter :)