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October. How the time passes to fast? Just a moment ago it was June and it was getting warm outside. Now it's October already and weather is getting colder and colder.

This outfit is old already. I guess I wore it in the end of August or in the beginning of September. I'm not sure. But sicne I haven't been blogging much I still have these old outfit pictures. Here I am wearing mint-coloured shorts by H&M ( I got them from my sister Elvira), a blue shirt by H&M and under that I have a bandeau by Gina Tricot.

As I've told you earlier, I have done some change in my life. I don't sit home nearly as much as before. I realised how much weight (4-5kg) I gained during that studying time that I had to do something. I also have a really painfull spine which needs excersize!

I've started jogging. Last week I went jogging for 4 times and this week I've been once (tomorrow going again). Last week I also went to this dancing lesson once and this week I took part in my school's aerobic-course. It's not only aerobic even though the name is what it is. We actually try out all different kind of sports, like aerobic, dancing, chi ball, pilates... etc things like that. This week I've had chiball and a really tense aerobic lesson! My muscles feel like spaghetti!

These photos are from the weekend when me and my sister Hermina went jogging together :) I really enjoyed that trip! Next day I took a jogging trip with my friend Kapu. I guess that tomorrow I'm going with my music :)

I also made a plan to buy this 10 time solarium ticket. It's only 27€ . This plan came last summer, when I realised that I couldn't stay much at all in the sun! I got some sun allergy every time I went out and it was really pissing me off! Now I'm going to go to solarium, not for getting tannes, but to prepare my skin for the summer. I will be going once in a month and hope that it will help me.

Now I wish you all a great week! Yes, school and work and all that can feel really dull but we gotta do it so, strength everyone!



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