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It's finally over! All these books I had to read are now back in closet (I'm lying they are still on my floor :D) and my stress is finally vanished. For those who don't know, I read all these books because I had these way too important exams in high school. I had to pick at least 4 subjects (I picked 6) and when they are done, I have finally finished my high school studies and I'm ready for university (yeah right..) The stress was awful but I'm happy it's gone.

When I had done two of the exams I thought that it's time to get out and go shopping. I didnt buy much but enough :) I bought earings (KappAhl), bracelet (Lindex), pants, two shirts and a pair shoes (H&M). I haven't been shopping for a while. To be honest I haven't even had those "I need to shop"- times that I used to have. Though I don't work anymore so I don't even have money for that :D But it doesn't matter really. I get things when I need them.

I've spent a lot of time at home. Have you heard of that tv serie "Once upon a time" ? I watched the first season in just one week. And today came the first episode of the second season! Guess who was rushing to see it first thing in the morning :D haha

I needed some change to my life after sitting at home. Honestly I have been sitting at home day and night studying on a sofa and after that sitting and watching once upon a time! But today was a change at last. I bought this card so that I can go to these different kind of sport/gymnastic lessons. But I didn't think that would be enough so I took my sneakers and took them for a run! It was raining a bit and it was totally dark outside so that I didn't see anything. But it was nice. I didn't run much, just for a small moment, but it definitely felt good :)




  1. You look so pretty, I love everything on this outfit, specially I love you tshirt with the butterflies, are so cute!

  2. Congrats on your new found freedom! very cute look

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  3. Replies
    1. Hello! :) Life is good, I am good :) Still doing my best to start blogging again haha! How are you?:)