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Back In Time

Stockholm, Sweden. I was there couple months ago. I just haven't had time to go through all of these photos! I was there with my mom and dad. We travelled by ship Turku/Åbo - Stockholm and spent the whole day in Stockholm.

 Stockholm is very much different than Finland. I like the city, not only it's architecture is incredible but also people seem so nice and happy. I think I saw more people jogging and biking than walking or going by car! That was something that surprised me. And I fell in love with the nature. It was sooo beautiful. You didn't need to walk far from the city to find an incredible place for jogging, walking, biking or whatever you want to do! No wonder all people were so skinny haha :D

I didn't go for a shopping trip. I didn't even take my money with me. I had only some clothes and my dear camera. I wanted to capture everything I saw! And I did haha :P

Unfortunately there were some running and biking competition going on. That made photoshooting impossible in some areas :/ But I did my best!

Mom and dad :) Aren't they cute?

 Oh and I found my crown!! I've been looking for it since I was born and my mama told me that im a princess :)) How touching it was .... Unfortunately I just couldn't take it with me... It's stuck :(

 We needed some resting of course so we sat on the bench and enjoyed the sight :) And I had to get to know the homeless life in Stockholm so I decided to take a nap on the bench! :D

 mm ♥ Cheese cake and hot chocolate, sun and a beautiful city!

 These birds were funny. I could go just near them and they didn't go anywhere! And they were so cute omg :D Only I wonder why they aren't fat: they didn't do anything else but eat!

This museum was awesome. I went inside to use the toilet and went out! Haha :D Thank you dear museum, maybe one day I will visit you again!

 There were lions statues everywhere! But this one was the greatest :D See how funny the lion looks? Made me laugh!

 Happy, married couple. Could not help but take a photo!

Can somebody tell me how these people are trained not to laugh? :D If I were standing there and people were taking photos of me like I was some statue and making some funny faces, I would just laugh, no matter what the boss says!

 The best lasagna :) The place was cool. I went in and said to my mom in bosnian "I think these people are turkish." Moment ago I was still talking to my mom and said pretty loudly "No I think these people must be albanian they don't look like Turkish". Then the man came with the food and said "For the lady, lasagna" in Bosnian language :D I was so embarrased because I was talking about them so loudly that they had to have heard what I said!

Another cheesecake and some other cake with a cup of coffee. Yum

Bye bye Stockholm :) See you next year I hope!



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