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 Instagram seems to be something "must-to-have" thing nowadays. And yes, I have it too. So if you feel like following me there, just type Grumfus to the search box and press follow! :)

Can you see that beautiful necklace on the black surface? I bought last week from H&M and I really really love it! And that picture with a big owl on it.. that one is from France :) There are some cute owl jewelleries on that picture, two necklaces and one ring :) I loooove them! I have to take a close up picture of them soon so you can admire them with me haha!

Last week was busy for me. I was studying math and other school things, seeing my friends and going jogging. Now I really understood how much jogging gives. Well everyone knows what jogging does physically, it helps you deal with stress, is good for your bones and keeps your body fit. But it does much much more than that... Me and my friend Kapu go jogging together now and then. I realised, that when we meet and start jogging we first use 30% of the time for moaning. We complain about everything in the world! It's horrible to hear omg.. But after 30% of the time has passed we start admiring the world: Everything is so beautiful and everything is sooooo nice! Yes, that's exactly what we do.

Probably that's why I love jogging so much. It lowers the stress hormone levels to minimum and gives such a good feeling. And I don't care about sore muscles when I can enjoy a moment like that! :D I really suggest jogging to every one of you. People don't get enough excersize nowadays and days are way too busy and stressy that we have to do something to lower that stress ..

Shopping is also a good idea! I needed some cosmetics so I headed to the Body shop. I bought this Aloe Vera facial wash, tea tree clearing toner and some day and night creams. I've had problems with my skin lately so I really needed something that will work. I also decided to buy a new make up foundation from Maxfactor. I kept sure that it is oil-free so that my skin could breath! :D

And now my holidays started :) Or officially they start on Monday but whatever. I like to count more days as a holiday... But anyways, this is a week holiday. Though it's not going to be totally a holiday for me. I still have some school work to do that I didn't do on time. Plus I have to read a novel for Finnish lesson so I decided to go to library and get a Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.

This book is really interesting. I love books, but I'm really bad in reading them. I haven't found a book in a long time that would get me attached to it immediately, but this book did it! Yesterday, when I started reading this book, I couldn't get me to stop! I was all the time counting how many pages I could still read so that I would still have time to do things that I had to do that day haha!

But anyways I'm going to enjoy my holiday; Relax, go jogging, party, meet friends... There are plenty of things to do! And well I can't forget that Kurban Bajram, a celebration of Muslims, starts on Thursday this week. So I'm going to make some nice food and sweets this week and have some time with my family :)

Have a nice weekend everyone!





October. How the time passes to fast? Just a moment ago it was June and it was getting warm outside. Now it's October already and weather is getting colder and colder.

This outfit is old already. I guess I wore it in the end of August or in the beginning of September. I'm not sure. But sicne I haven't been blogging much I still have these old outfit pictures. Here I am wearing mint-coloured shorts by H&M ( I got them from my sister Elvira), a blue shirt by H&M and under that I have a bandeau by Gina Tricot.

As I've told you earlier, I have done some change in my life. I don't sit home nearly as much as before. I realised how much weight (4-5kg) I gained during that studying time that I had to do something. I also have a really painfull spine which needs excersize!

I've started jogging. Last week I went jogging for 4 times and this week I've been once (tomorrow going again). Last week I also went to this dancing lesson once and this week I took part in my school's aerobic-course. It's not only aerobic even though the name is what it is. We actually try out all different kind of sports, like aerobic, dancing, chi ball, pilates... etc things like that. This week I've had chiball and a really tense aerobic lesson! My muscles feel like spaghetti!

These photos are from the weekend when me and my sister Hermina went jogging together :) I really enjoyed that trip! Next day I took a jogging trip with my friend Kapu. I guess that tomorrow I'm going with my music :)

I also made a plan to buy this 10 time solarium ticket. It's only 27€ . This plan came last summer, when I realised that I couldn't stay much at all in the sun! I got some sun allergy every time I went out and it was really pissing me off! Now I'm going to go to solarium, not for getting tannes, but to prepare my skin for the summer. I will be going once in a month and hope that it will help me.

Now I wish you all a great week! Yes, school and work and all that can feel really dull but we gotta do it so, strength everyone!




Back In Time

Stockholm, Sweden. I was there couple months ago. I just haven't had time to go through all of these photos! I was there with my mom and dad. We travelled by ship Turku/Åbo - Stockholm and spent the whole day in Stockholm.

 Stockholm is very much different than Finland. I like the city, not only it's architecture is incredible but also people seem so nice and happy. I think I saw more people jogging and biking than walking or going by car! That was something that surprised me. And I fell in love with the nature. It was sooo beautiful. You didn't need to walk far from the city to find an incredible place for jogging, walking, biking or whatever you want to do! No wonder all people were so skinny haha :D

I didn't go for a shopping trip. I didn't even take my money with me. I had only some clothes and my dear camera. I wanted to capture everything I saw! And I did haha :P

Unfortunately there were some running and biking competition going on. That made photoshooting impossible in some areas :/ But I did my best!

Mom and dad :) Aren't they cute?

 Oh and I found my crown!! I've been looking for it since I was born and my mama told me that im a princess :)) How touching it was .... Unfortunately I just couldn't take it with me... It's stuck :(

 We needed some resting of course so we sat on the bench and enjoyed the sight :) And I had to get to know the homeless life in Stockholm so I decided to take a nap on the bench! :D

 mm ♥ Cheese cake and hot chocolate, sun and a beautiful city!

 These birds were funny. I could go just near them and they didn't go anywhere! And they were so cute omg :D Only I wonder why they aren't fat: they didn't do anything else but eat!

This museum was awesome. I went inside to use the toilet and went out! Haha :D Thank you dear museum, maybe one day I will visit you again!

 There were lions statues everywhere! But this one was the greatest :D See how funny the lion looks? Made me laugh!

 Happy, married couple. Could not help but take a photo!

Can somebody tell me how these people are trained not to laugh? :D If I were standing there and people were taking photos of me like I was some statue and making some funny faces, I would just laugh, no matter what the boss says!

 The best lasagna :) The place was cool. I went in and said to my mom in bosnian "I think these people are turkish." Moment ago I was still talking to my mom and said pretty loudly "No I think these people must be albanian they don't look like Turkish". Then the man came with the food and said "For the lady, lasagna" in Bosnian language :D I was so embarrased because I was talking about them so loudly that they had to have heard what I said!

Another cheesecake and some other cake with a cup of coffee. Yum

Bye bye Stockholm :) See you next year I hope!