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Long time has passed again.. I've been lately posting about my trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina and for your and my luck I don't have any more pictures from last summer! Though I have many many other photos left but I thought that it's time for the most normal outfit post :D

 To be honest I don't even remember when I wore these clothes? But anyways I'm wearing shorts and shit from Gina Tricot and a top from H&M :)

Lately I've been very very busy. I haven't really done nothing. My days go like this: Wake up early, go to school, come home and start studying, go to sleep early .. :D So interesting isn't it? :D I have these major exams coming because it is my last year in high school. Next week I have swedish and this "Health" subject or whatever. Week after that I'm having psychology exam (which is the most important of all!). Then we are having time to study for the next exams that are coming..... dunno when. But then I have again three exams, Finnish, English and Math, and then my high school is over woohoooo!

I'm having too much stress, too much to study and way too sore neck and shoulder muscles. This week I spend one day without touching the books. In stead I went to swim! And today I finished with studying at 9 pm and hurried out to see my friends. We went to a bar for couple drinks and went back home early. Now it's 11.30 pm and I am on my way to sleep!

 Good night :)



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  1. Nije uredu da te nema toliko dugo :P
    Šorc mi je med <3