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Long time has passed again.. I've been lately posting about my trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina and for your and my luck I don't have any more pictures from last summer! Though I have many many other photos left but I thought that it's time for the most normal outfit post :D

 To be honest I don't even remember when I wore these clothes? But anyways I'm wearing shorts and shit from Gina Tricot and a top from H&M :)

Lately I've been very very busy. I haven't really done nothing. My days go like this: Wake up early, go to school, come home and start studying, go to sleep early .. :D So interesting isn't it? :D I have these major exams coming because it is my last year in high school. Next week I have swedish and this "Health" subject or whatever. Week after that I'm having psychology exam (which is the most important of all!). Then we are having time to study for the next exams that are coming..... dunno when. But then I have again three exams, Finnish, English and Math, and then my high school is over woohoooo!

I'm having too much stress, too much to study and way too sore neck and shoulder muscles. This week I spend one day without touching the books. In stead I went to swim! And today I finished with studying at 9 pm and hurried out to see my friends. We went to a bar for couple drinks and went back home early. Now it's 11.30 pm and I am on my way to sleep!

 Good night :)




More of Summer

Summer is over in reality but in pictures it is till here. In the last week of my trip, the first week of August, to Bosnia and Herzegovina my sisters arrived from Finland to our small town Kozarac. They were there only two days so I didn't have much time to spend with them but during those two days we tried to spend as much time together as possible.

First day we went with our parents to eat to the nearest city called Prijedor. They have this shopping center called Wisa that has the best food in that area! And as you can see from the pictures they also have a free wifi so the time passed with phones! :D

 I ordered my usual: Sola Ice Tea (the best ice tea in the world!), rice with a delicious champignon sauce and chicken on those sticks as you can see from the picture! It was soooo delicious and sooo cheap haha! I was so happy when I was eating that food lol. I would fly there and back in one day only to get that delicious food to my stomach!

We came back and went to see our lovely small towns center, took some pictures and  went to get some coffee.

 In the evening we all went out with a friend. I don't really have photos of that night and I don't even have a memory that can remember so far so I won't say anything so that I wouldn't be lying by accident haha :D I just remember (thanks to the photo) that I was wering my sisters wonderful jumpsuit that evening and that my sister tried to take a photo of it when we came back!

That same evening (or some other evening can't remember haha!) me and Hermina took some photos on our terrace :) This one was my favorite!

 Next day in the morning me, my sisters and Ajlen went again to Wisa-center, Prijedor, to eat :) We all ate fish which was soooo delicious! But I won't describe it more because I become hungry if I do :(

After Prijedor we drove back to Kozarac. We went to a coffeehouse to get some drinks and spend time with friends :) After that started the fun part..

Ajlen's family has a cottage in Kozarac near the center. It's quite big place and has a big swimming pool! :D We went there with couple other people and enjoyed the sun and the water.

I gotta say it was a lot of fun over there! We were swimming and doing all the stupid stuff there and just chilling with friends. I liked it!

We came back there in the evening for the "Pool party" . I don't have photos from that night since we didn't have the camera with us :/ And we didn't stay for long because I have to pack and go back to Finland next day.. And my sisters were planning to continue their travelling.

 The dolphin was fun! You can't imagine how hard it was to get on that thing dammit! I don't know how small kids do it. I needed stairs and my sisters help to get on it and it was even harder to stay on it! I was slipping away all the time haha :D

Anyways, the best 2 days of my trip :) And it was nice to get tge last touch with sun before comin back to Finland.