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Počitelj, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is believed that the fortified town along with its attendant settlements were built by Bosnia's King Stjepan Tvtrko I in 1383. More info in wikipedia haha!

  I went to this small cute town when I was on my way from Neum to Mostar. I never got to Mostar since it started raining so badly that it was even hard to drive a car. Though I was happy that I finally got a chance to visit Pocitelj! I've heard so much about it and I've passed it so many times without stopping.

 I went there with mom and dad. We took photos and climbed millions of stairs! They were small, made of rock and very slippery. And of course I didn't even have good shoes but whatever I had fun! Only thing I was thinking about was that "How will I save my camera if I fall?" :D So me..

I was wearing a shirt from New Yorker, bandeau from Gina Tricot and shorts by Z.I.P :) Those shorts are the most comfortable shorts I've ever worn! I usually have way too tight shorts that need to be worn million times before they get stretch. These look tight on me but they definitely doesn't feel tight :) So me likes!

Mom decided to wear my Asos jumpsuit :) Looks pretty, right? :)

These stairs were super cool and scary to climb! I went there alone and it was all dark, way too small and slippery! I could go up without big problems but coming down was harder... But no worries I used a spider style and came down in one piece! =) And so did my camera!

That's all for today :) Studying is now the number one in my mind so I'm not really 100% in this blogging. But I'm trying to keep up and trying to relax while writing :) Though you might realize that I'm just writing something without really thinking about how it looks all together. But whatever haha.

Now to sleep :) Laku noć - Good night !



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