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Počitelj, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is believed that the fortified town along with its attendant settlements were built by Bosnia's King Stjepan Tvtrko I in 1383. More info in wikipedia haha!

  I went to this small cute town when I was on my way from Neum to Mostar. I never got to Mostar since it started raining so badly that it was even hard to drive a car. Though I was happy that I finally got a chance to visit Pocitelj! I've heard so much about it and I've passed it so many times without stopping.

 I went there with mom and dad. We took photos and climbed millions of stairs! They were small, made of rock and very slippery. And of course I didn't even have good shoes but whatever I had fun! Only thing I was thinking about was that "How will I save my camera if I fall?" :D So me..

I was wearing a shirt from New Yorker, bandeau from Gina Tricot and shorts by Z.I.P :) Those shorts are the most comfortable shorts I've ever worn! I usually have way too tight shorts that need to be worn million times before they get stretch. These look tight on me but they definitely doesn't feel tight :) So me likes!

Mom decided to wear my Asos jumpsuit :) Looks pretty, right? :)

These stairs were super cool and scary to climb! I went there alone and it was all dark, way too small and slippery! I could go up without big problems but coming down was harder... But no worries I used a spider style and came down in one piece! =) And so did my camera!

That's all for today :) Studying is now the number one in my mind so I'm not really 100% in this blogging. But I'm trying to keep up and trying to relax while writing :) Though you might realize that I'm just writing something without really thinking about how it looks all together. But whatever haha.

Now to sleep :) Laku noć - Good night !




Sarajevo, ljubavi moja ♥

My travel posts conitnue. These photos are taken in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina during July, 2012.

I don't really have many words to say. It was a different kind of a holiday because for the first time I didn't have my sisters there. And that really showed me how much it means to have sisters. I have never worried about who will go out with me or will I have any company for the day. I have never had a silent moment at home or anywhere. I have never said to my parents where to go or what to eat without getting millions of other options also. Gotta admit it was kinda depressing to be without company for so long but I can't say I didn't enjoy my time in Sarajevo :)

No matter am I alone or not, if I'm having a bad day or not, I always love to be in Bosnia and Hercegovina. For some reason being depressed over there doesn't feel as bad as being depressed in Finland. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the fact that I'm in the place that I can call home.

So depressing post haha. I'm tired and ready to go to sleep already. I've had the most exhausting weekend of my life. More about that later though..

In Sarajevo I also met some dead Bogomils. They were some old religion group that was wandering around Europe and some parts of Asia but their home was in Balkan, Bulgaria. Yes I googled information about Bogomils when I should have been studying Psychology, my bad. But it was cool to see how some Bogomil graves are still there. After so many years they are still there even if there are no bogomils left anymore. And even if right next to this tiny Bogomil graveyard is nowadays a muslim graveyard and a mosque, they are still there :)

What do I love most about Sarajevo is that it's a city where you can see the history. When you get to the center, Bascarsija, you can see how old it is.You can see the culture there. You can see the Ottoman empire and Europe in the same place. I also love the fact that there are no cars driving back and fort in the "Bascarsija". It makes everything much easier. And I love the nightlife. I have never seen that the whole street looks like you are in the club. Sooo many people dressed sooo beautifully that it seems like it's a New year every day :)

And another thing I noticed in Sarajevo was that people still seem to miss the ex-Yugoslavian president Tito. Great man he was, no doubt. I've heard millions and millions of good things about Tito and so many great things about Yugoslavia, but for some reason it seems like these people have stuck to the "Tito-time" and can't let it go. (And no I'm not talking only about Hostel Tito, that's still fine haha.)

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Vrelo Bosne

My last post was written over a month ago. During this time many things have happened. I still have some photos from June that need to be posted but you will get them later :) I was at home in Bosnia and Hercegovina for six weeks now and I came back to Finland 6th of August.

I enjoyed my time in Bosnia and Hercegovina. It was really really warm there. Oh how I enjoyed it! I visited cities like Kozarac, Prijedor, Sarajevo, Pocitelj and Neum. But more about those later (: The next post is from Vrelo Bosne, Sarajevo, Ilidža. I was the only one excited of taking pictures so unfortunately you won't see me in this post. Or you will if I find some unposted photo of me haha.

First here is a view from my balcony in Sarajevo, Stup :) It's pretty far from center but it's close to tram and the neighbourhood is just being built. This place is beautiful now and I'm sure that after they have built everything they are palnning to, it is going to be even more beautiful :)

  Some happy couple got married over there :) I could'nt not to take a photo!

The place was bautiful. I enjoyed being in the nature in stead of looking at the passing cars and traffic. It's somehow calming to walk in the nature. There you can just relax and forget the whole society and its rush :)

I was enjoying this place with my mom and dad and some relatives. My cousin Zlatan was there also and his mom and dad. We walked around, went to eat and walked around again. I was, of course, photoshooting the whole time! :D

Haha and there were also some happy old women dancing traditional Bosnian (and whole Yugoslavian areas) dance called Kolo. Kolo needs to be danced to a rhythmic music and usually in a circle. I gotta admit I have never danced kolo but I would definitely like to do that. It's a popular dance in celebrations like weddigs and such.

Food was delicious :) In Bosnia I love the fact that there is meat everywhere. In Finland I don't usually eat meat so much so it was nice to eat meat the whole 6 weeks while I was Bosnia (: I wonder why people there aren't fat since they eat only meat and bread which are both pretty high calorie and fat food :D

And there weren't only humen enjoying the nature. There were places with many ducks and swans. I even saw a baby-swan :) It was soooo cute! Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to capture it with my camera :(

There was the today's post :) Today I'm going to a party to my firend's cottage so I will be taking photos over there ;) But during the weekend you will get more Bosnia posts :) See you soon!