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Papaya Coconut

Sunny days have been rare this week but luckily I took these photos last week when the weather was perfect and the sun was warming us!

 I spent a lot of time outside and even more on the beach. I'm not getting tanned pretty easily so I had to try to suck in every bit of a sunshine that was possible :) ! I managed to get some tan but I guess it has already vanished since I haven't seen the sun for couple days now :(

 It was perfect to catch up with friends, get tanned and even study a bit! We took our books with us and tried to read them at least a bit :D And I'm pretty surprised how well we managed to study while being outside and having so much more interesting things to do.

 Kapu and Ellu even decided to keep sure they wouldn't get dehydrated! :D Haha.

And I really don't know what else to write haha. Oh well! I took my clothes to a flea market again! It's just amazing how fast people mess the place up... I took the clothes there at 11am and went there again at 3pm and the sight was horrible! I had folded the clothes carefully so that they would be all seen and easy to check out. But when I came there they looked like somebody had just thrown them there and messed them up..

Tomorrow gotta go there again and make the place tidy. I hope people will buy those clothes a lot.. Not only because I really need money but also because I can't stand seeing those clothes at home anymore. I just realised that when I took all those clothes that I don't use anymore out of my closet it was totally empty. So sad to see something like that...... Oh but soon (next week Saturday) I am leaving Finland and heading to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia!

Hope you are all having a great summer and soooo much fun! :) Now I pray to see the sun tomorrow! We miss you here in Finland!




  1. Hi pretty, how are you?????
    such a great pics :)

  2. Miks sun siskon (Herminican) blogi on poistettu? =((

  3. Hi dear friend!!! How are you?
    I miss you :)
    kisses from Mexico city!

  4. Anonymous, Herminan blogi joo näköjään on poistettu ja syy on luultavasti se, että hän meinaa tehä yhteisen blogin toisen siskoni Elviran kanssa. (: Elikkä sitä odotellessa tuijotelkaamme "Blogi on poistettu" sivua :(

  5. Anonymous, siskojeni blogi löytyy osoitteesta