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Long time no see

 Elvira, Me, Elvisa, Tommy, Jasu, Hermina

I came out from my hiding place! It's already end of June and I haven't posted even once. Shame on me. I've got millions of unposted photos and I can't post them all right away but I promise to be much more active with blogging, starting from now :)!

Elvisa and her dad (my uncle) Hasan
 Hermina, Elvira, Elvisa, Jasu and Ville

I have all the time in the world and I feel so busy! I haven't been at home much at all. I just come here to sleep and sometimes to eat though I even eat outside more than at home.. Depressing. (Or fun. Depends how you see it)

Anyways these first photos are from the first day of my holiday. My cousin Elvisa graduated and we of course had to celebrate it! Food was amazing, and so was the company, let alone the red punch she made. Oh yum so good!

The evening passed by while celebrating with my friends. I guess I don't need to say much more than that the night was way too awesome! And the dress I'm wearing is from ASOS. It's my sister Hermina's dress but I had to stral it because it's so perfect haha!

Now to sleep and tomorrow promise to post again! Good night :)


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