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These days have been like hell for me .. I'm sure everyone who has allergy can understand me. It's AWFUL. In the morning I look like a swollen vampire with my red eyes haha. Oh and I feel sick alll the time so even a slow walking feels like a big achievement!

 Today I got myself up and went to center to look around. (And sat everytime when I found a chair to just breathe :D) I was planning to find myself sneakers so I could start jogging (as soon as this allergy lets me). I've been wanting to by them for so so long. But since I'm helpless with sneakers I need someone with me to help me find some sneakers that are really good and don't just look pretty. Well I realised that or those sneakers are really ugly (some way too colorful and makes feet look big) or they are way too expensive for my budget.

And since I didn't find sneakers and I felt like I gotta make myself feel good by buying something I found myself pretty pretty shoes (and really cheap) from Seppälä. I just fell in love with the color :) I can't wait to use them!

And I also found a pretty bag from Sale. I fell in love with the first sight. Soooo pretty. And so functional.

These shorts I bought earlier (maybe last week?) from Gina Tricot. I've already used them twice and I absolutely love them :) I love the color, I loved the price and I love how they look on me haha. I'm planning to buy more of these same shorts in different colors. They are cheap so why not? ;)

I found some cute sunglasses from Seppälä. I didn't buy them just yet but I'm planning to buy them soon. One yellow and one mint color! Oh and I forgot to tell you: I also bought myself a cute bike with 50€! It's a used bike and very rusty but I'm gonna fix it up and paint it with mint or coral color :) It's gonna be prettyyy! It's funny when everyone is talking about buying a car now and I'm buying a bike haha.

Anyways, gonna take a nap now and then start studying :) And If I got some energy in me I'm gonna take a (slow) walk outside in the evening. Have a nice weekend everyone :)! Puss!