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Heeeeey how you doing? :) It's so warm here in Finland that I can't take it anymore! (I LOVE IT!) I was just out without a jacket, without any long-sleeved shirt and it was still warm! I'm in love with this weather :D

 BUT since this isn't an outfit-post or some random photo-post I won't start telling you too much about things :D I'll just simply say that I'VE BEEN SHOPPING:


 I ordered this jumpsuit from ASOS sale. Its real price is 61.09€ but sale gave it to me with only 18.33€ ! And now I'm the happiest girl in the world hih :) I can't wait to use it. I only need some pretty high-heels and a purse and then the outfit is outstanding! (And of course some bracelets)


I've decided to become a sports-girl so I bought these pretty sneakers from Adidas with 89,90€. I've been lazying for way too long now and it's time to get some muscle! :) I've always gained some weight during this lazying though I don't mind it so much really. But I really miss doing something sporty, like running, and that feeling that you get when you realise that you could actually run more than you believed you could.

 I have this awesome running programme found from internet. It's for people that really do zero excersize so it's perfect for me. It starts with as easy as "Run 2 minutes, walk 5 minutes, run 2 min and walk 5 min" but the end point is "Run 10 kilometers" . So it is a great running programme (at least for me haha) and I'm maybe gonna start it today :) The only problem here is m allergy which makes me feel sick all the time. But let's see will I die or die .

Do you have some workout plans or some excersize programmes to suggest? :)




  1. Ne volim ove jednodijelne..kako se već zovu na bosanskom..imam osjećaj da izgledam kao beba u onim malim odjelcima :P
    Ali ovaj je baš fin..volim cvijetne uzorke :D

  2. Hi sweetie! you look great, love the floral jumpsuit! :)

  3. obsessed with this. fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post for xo