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Last weekend (27.4 - 1.5) I was at my friend Yassu's place in Joensuu. We had a looot of fun :D It was so nice to meet all those people again. And of course we also found some new friends!

Firday passed in bars and in some random drinking places. It was funny how every bouncer talked english to me because I used my Bosnia and Herzegovinan ID-card haha. Then they looked pretty surprised when I was talking them back in Finnish :D And since we were out late we didn't want to go back to Yassu's place and wake up her parents. We went to our friend Anni's place to sleep the night (:

 Reetta, Anni and Ville

Saturday morning after waking up and spending several hours doing nothing, me and Yassu felt a need to eat some good kebab! So yes... We had kebab for breakfast! And it was delicious! After that we got back to Yassu's place and decided to just stay home whole day. I gotta say it was a good idea... I was so tired that I was falling asleep all the time. We also watched some Miyazaki's movie that Yassu had at home. I'm surprised that I liked it. It was actually even scary time to time haha.

Sunday was also a home day. We made some Bureks in the morning and guess what, they ended up DELICIOUS! :D I have never made them before it's always mom who makes them. But they ended up sooo good. And we went out for a moment with Anni, Olga and Lasse. It was a sunny day but it was damn windy :( We we went to rent movies: one Miyazaki movie and Dear John. I'd seen Dear John before but it was nice to watch it again.

 Yassu's dad (and me)

 Anni and Yassu

Monday started good.We had rest through the weekend and now it was time to celebrate for the 1st of May :) It was so sunny and warm that we had to go out and take a sunbath! I even got some tan on my face hih. But sun run away in the evening and the night turned out to be pretty cold.. And I gotta admit that I wasn't the happiest one that day but at least the night passed well. I ran out of drinks already in the beginning of the evening though :D But well who cares I still had fun ;) We found ourselves place to stay the night. Though there wasn't enough room for sleeping so we just chatted with some randoms whole night long. They turned out to be really nice poeple and even added me on facebook when I left Joensuu haha.


The best part was that I slept only 5 minutes there during the whole night and then (because we screwed up checking the bus schedule) me and Yassu had to walk 6km at 6am in a HORRIBLE wind that almost killed us ... I'm happy I'm still alive :D

 Lasse and some randoms :D
 Olga and the randoms

 Gökce, Reetta and Aino
 Me and Lasse

On Tuesday it was time to get back home to Mikkeli.. I had fun but guess it was time to get back to reality..

And today is my mom's birthday so happy birthday Mama :) I will post about that later on! My mom was pretty whooole day :)

And it's also exactly 1 year passed since my dido (Granddad) died. So it's a day to remember him also. The best dido in the world :)