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 I was in Kuopio on Friday till Saturday evening. Me and my parents drove from Mikkeli to Kuopio to meet my sister Hermina :) Also Elvira came from Jyväskylä to Kuopio since we were planning to celebrate our mom's 52nd birthday (which was on 6th of May)

Hermina had made a delicious berrie-pie even before we got there on Friday (: Damn it was goood. We ate it immediately :D And I made us some waffles on Saturday since the pie didn't obviously contain enough sugar to satisfy my family..

 And since I bought a new camera and I just love taking photos, I couldn't resist photographing every item I saw at Hermina's apartment. I especially fell in love with this cactus :o Ain't it cute?:)

 Well I don't know about the others but my trip to Kuopio was very rewarding: I slept, ate, slept, ate... and then I had to come to Mikkeli . And I damned my sisters for coming with us because now I couldn't continue sleeping in the car :( Yeah I have no idea what was going on with me there. I have never slept nor eaten as much as I did during those two days :D

 SUNDAY - 6th of May

 My mom's birthday. Sisters couldn't resist coming to Mikkeli which meant that there had been no point for us to go to Kuopio. But who cares, at least we got the pie to eat haha. It is worth it to drive 400km by car if you know that there is a pie waiting for you :D

We also decided to make mama happy with a birthday card, made by us. Okay I won't lie ... I'm not a handcraft person so I was just bringing everything we needed for this card and playing the music to keep the atmosphere happy. Sisters did all the work and look how pretty it came! :)

Sorry for all the foodphotos again haha.




  1. your family is lovely, and if that woman I saw on your photos is your mom, she looks much much more younger :)

  2. Uvijek gomila ukusne hrane kod tebe, a sve izgledate predivno :)

  3. Hi!!!!
    You look beautiful with this blue dress. Love it!!!
    ps: I want strawberries cake ;)