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Perfect day. Yesterday I woke up way too early. I grabbed my psychology book and started studying! It was soo damn perfect. Psychology + sun + cacao ! Can you even ask for more?

 Wearing: H&M shirt | Mango skirt | Bag by dunno :D | Tamaris shoes

After sunbathing I went to center to buy my friend a birthday present and soon it was time to leave. I met my another friend with whom I went to watch some danceshow by local dance school. I was part of that dance school for 8 and a half years so it was interesting to see how they are doing now.

I came home when it was already time to put the make up on (haven't been wearing make up for a really long time now so it was weird to put it on). I chose my clothes and went out. I met my birthday girl and her girlfriend out and headed together to the bar.

 Wearing: H&M shirt | Gina Tricot shorts (plus had ballerina shoes by Bianco)

 And what I have to say about that night? AWESOME! I have never had so much fun. I also met my cousin there and some other firends and danced so much that my legs hurt like hell. But trust me it was worth it! I hope to go there again soon hah.

And now it's time to study since I'm in the middle of the last exam week. I have five exams next week so wish me a good luck! :)





Heeeeey how you doing? :) It's so warm here in Finland that I can't take it anymore! (I LOVE IT!) I was just out without a jacket, without any long-sleeved shirt and it was still warm! I'm in love with this weather :D

 BUT since this isn't an outfit-post or some random photo-post I won't start telling you too much about things :D I'll just simply say that I'VE BEEN SHOPPING:


 I ordered this jumpsuit from ASOS sale. Its real price is 61.09€ but sale gave it to me with only 18.33€ ! And now I'm the happiest girl in the world hih :) I can't wait to use it. I only need some pretty high-heels and a purse and then the outfit is outstanding! (And of course some bracelets)


I've decided to become a sports-girl so I bought these pretty sneakers from Adidas with 89,90€. I've been lazying for way too long now and it's time to get some muscle! :) I've always gained some weight during this lazying though I don't mind it so much really. But I really miss doing something sporty, like running, and that feeling that you get when you realise that you could actually run more than you believed you could.

 I have this awesome running programme found from internet. It's for people that really do zero excersize so it's perfect for me. It starts with as easy as "Run 2 minutes, walk 5 minutes, run 2 min and walk 5 min" but the end point is "Run 10 kilometers" . So it is a great running programme (at least for me haha) and I'm maybe gonna start it today :) The only problem here is m allergy which makes me feel sick all the time. But let's see will I die or die .

Do you have some workout plans or some excersize programmes to suggest? :)





These days have been like hell for me .. I'm sure everyone who has allergy can understand me. It's AWFUL. In the morning I look like a swollen vampire with my red eyes haha. Oh and I feel sick alll the time so even a slow walking feels like a big achievement!

 Today I got myself up and went to center to look around. (And sat everytime when I found a chair to just breathe :D) I was planning to find myself sneakers so I could start jogging (as soon as this allergy lets me). I've been wanting to by them for so so long. But since I'm helpless with sneakers I need someone with me to help me find some sneakers that are really good and don't just look pretty. Well I realised that or those sneakers are really ugly (some way too colorful and makes feet look big) or they are way too expensive for my budget.

And since I didn't find sneakers and I felt like I gotta make myself feel good by buying something I found myself pretty pretty shoes (and really cheap) from Seppälä. I just fell in love with the color :) I can't wait to use them!

And I also found a pretty bag from Sale. I fell in love with the first sight. Soooo pretty. And so functional.

These shorts I bought earlier (maybe last week?) from Gina Tricot. I've already used them twice and I absolutely love them :) I love the color, I loved the price and I love how they look on me haha. I'm planning to buy more of these same shorts in different colors. They are cheap so why not? ;)

I found some cute sunglasses from Seppälä. I didn't buy them just yet but I'm planning to buy them soon. One yellow and one mint color! Oh and I forgot to tell you: I also bought myself a cute bike with 50€! It's a used bike and very rusty but I'm gonna fix it up and paint it with mint or coral color :) It's gonna be prettyyy! It's funny when everyone is talking about buying a car now and I'm buying a bike haha.

Anyways, gonna take a nap now and then start studying :) And If I got some energy in me I'm gonna take a (slow) walk outside in the evening. Have a nice weekend everyone :)! Puss!






 I was in Kuopio on Friday till Saturday evening. Me and my parents drove from Mikkeli to Kuopio to meet my sister Hermina :) Also Elvira came from Jyväskylä to Kuopio since we were planning to celebrate our mom's 52nd birthday (which was on 6th of May)

Hermina had made a delicious berrie-pie even before we got there on Friday (: Damn it was goood. We ate it immediately :D And I made us some waffles on Saturday since the pie didn't obviously contain enough sugar to satisfy my family..

 And since I bought a new camera and I just love taking photos, I couldn't resist photographing every item I saw at Hermina's apartment. I especially fell in love with this cactus :o Ain't it cute?:)

 Well I don't know about the others but my trip to Kuopio was very rewarding: I slept, ate, slept, ate... and then I had to come to Mikkeli . And I damned my sisters for coming with us because now I couldn't continue sleeping in the car :( Yeah I have no idea what was going on with me there. I have never slept nor eaten as much as I did during those two days :D

 SUNDAY - 6th of May

 My mom's birthday. Sisters couldn't resist coming to Mikkeli which meant that there had been no point for us to go to Kuopio. But who cares, at least we got the pie to eat haha. It is worth it to drive 400km by car if you know that there is a pie waiting for you :D

We also decided to make mama happy with a birthday card, made by us. Okay I won't lie ... I'm not a handcraft person so I was just bringing everything we needed for this card and playing the music to keep the atmosphere happy. Sisters did all the work and look how pretty it came! :)

Sorry for all the foodphotos again haha.





Last weekend (27.4 - 1.5) I was at my friend Yassu's place in Joensuu. We had a looot of fun :D It was so nice to meet all those people again. And of course we also found some new friends!

Firday passed in bars and in some random drinking places. It was funny how every bouncer talked english to me because I used my Bosnia and Herzegovinan ID-card haha. Then they looked pretty surprised when I was talking them back in Finnish :D And since we were out late we didn't want to go back to Yassu's place and wake up her parents. We went to our friend Anni's place to sleep the night (:

 Reetta, Anni and Ville

Saturday morning after waking up and spending several hours doing nothing, me and Yassu felt a need to eat some good kebab! So yes... We had kebab for breakfast! And it was delicious! After that we got back to Yassu's place and decided to just stay home whole day. I gotta say it was a good idea... I was so tired that I was falling asleep all the time. We also watched some Miyazaki's movie that Yassu had at home. I'm surprised that I liked it. It was actually even scary time to time haha.

Sunday was also a home day. We made some Bureks in the morning and guess what, they ended up DELICIOUS! :D I have never made them before it's always mom who makes them. But they ended up sooo good. And we went out for a moment with Anni, Olga and Lasse. It was a sunny day but it was damn windy :( We we went to rent movies: one Miyazaki movie and Dear John. I'd seen Dear John before but it was nice to watch it again.

 Yassu's dad (and me)

 Anni and Yassu

Monday started good.We had rest through the weekend and now it was time to celebrate for the 1st of May :) It was so sunny and warm that we had to go out and take a sunbath! I even got some tan on my face hih. But sun run away in the evening and the night turned out to be pretty cold.. And I gotta admit that I wasn't the happiest one that day but at least the night passed well. I ran out of drinks already in the beginning of the evening though :D But well who cares I still had fun ;) We found ourselves place to stay the night. Though there wasn't enough room for sleeping so we just chatted with some randoms whole night long. They turned out to be really nice poeple and even added me on facebook when I left Joensuu haha.


The best part was that I slept only 5 minutes there during the whole night and then (because we screwed up checking the bus schedule) me and Yassu had to walk 6km at 6am in a HORRIBLE wind that almost killed us ... I'm happy I'm still alive :D

 Lasse and some randoms :D
 Olga and the randoms

 Gökce, Reetta and Aino
 Me and Lasse

On Tuesday it was time to get back home to Mikkeli.. I had fun but guess it was time to get back to reality..

And today is my mom's birthday so happy birthday Mama :) I will post about that later on! My mom was pretty whooole day :)

And it's also exactly 1 year passed since my dido (Granddad) died. So it's a day to remember him also. The best dido in the world :)