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Sunny Sunday

 Wonderful day! It has been soo beautiful outside today! It was almost 15 Degrees outside and sun was shining the whole day! Unfortunately I couldn't spend the whole day outside because I have a math exam tomorrow :/ So I was studying, or trying to, whole day...

 Though even I couldn't stay at home whole day ... I went out for a walk with my friend Nypö. We decided to eat our frist ice creams this Spring. It was yummy! :D (And so that you won't think I'm the biggest fatass in the world: I didn't eat this doughnut today, I ate it yesterday)

 I didn't quite know what to wear to that warm weather so I picked just something ... That bandeau and shirt are from Gina Tricot and shorts I bought last Summer from H&M :) Oh and I couldn't resist some jewellery.... :D These are all new. New necklace I bought couple days ago from KappAhl and this bracelet my Yassu bought me when she was here. And this best key-ring I got from Nypö as part of my bday present. I absolutely love it!

 Hope your weekend passed well ;) Now it's time to go to sleep (not) and to get ready for next week! Soon (next Friday) I'm going to Joensuu to visit my Yassu and other friends hih.




  1. super ti je prsten ključić :)

  2. sabi toi menee keskimmäisiin sormiin :-D

  3. Such a lovely post: these shoots are great!
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  4. Super fotografije. prelijep sorc!

  5. Cuuute! Sorc je stvarno divan a prsten je vrh! Noktici <3 :)

  6. your key ring is so cute-*
    love the picture of doughnut! especially the plate is so cute~ i see heels there ;)

    Pinkbow Icecream