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You know the feeling when you are feeling somewhat depressed, you realise you have money on your bankaccount, free time for shopping, and pretty pretty things in front of you that you just HAVE TO buy? I'm very familiar with this feeling... And I gotta say that depression-shopping works better than anything! :D (If we won't count eating chocolate).

That feeling when you buy somehting is just amazing :D And then you go home and try on your new clothes AGAIN (because you may have missed the beauty of them when you tried them on in the store). Then you take some pictures of them and when you finally look at the photos, you get happy AGAIN becuase they look so pretty on the picture (plus you can share your pathetic feelings in your blog like i do now haha).

So here are the things that made me happy today! Or well, I didn't buy exactly everything that you can see here today. I bought only one of these bandeaus today but since I haven't showed you any of these, I thought I can put them to the same picture :) Bandeaus are from Gina Tricot and they are only 5,95€ each... That's why I love buying them haha. They look perfect with some shirt on and on summer you can wear them just like that with some pretty skirt or shorts! Can't wait!

I also bought some jewellery from KappAhl. Everyone has feathers nowadays... so I gotta have also! I realised that I love mint color... Not only the jewellery is mint color but also my new shirt from H&M .. I fell in love with this shirt from the frist sight! (I don't believe in love for the first sight when it comes to men, but when it comes to clothes, or especially shoes, I believe in it 100%).

I still have a lot of photos that I haven't posted. I love my new camera and I love taking photos with it :D I can't wait that it gets pretty outside. That's when this girl will spend some quality time outside with herself, her baby-camera and all those pretty things that she can capture with her baby =) !

And now... time to eat.



  1. oooo znam kako je to pogotovo kad kiša pada danima ja bih se samo zavukla u neki tržni centar :D super si stvari kupila i meni trebaju ovi bandeau (kako to uopšte prevesti? ) pod hitno a mint košulja je predivna!

  2. Cute Blog;)

    LoveLoveLove, Dilara from

  3. I love that necklace :) so cute !


  4. I adore the necklace - such a cute blog!


  5. ahhh are those bandeau? i'm so jealous! btw, i love the colors :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (