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I realised how damn much I love postmen! They always bring you something pretty =) Okay they also bring your bills but we can forget that one :D

I just came home from math exam and was eating a delicious cookie when I heard the door bell ring. I opened the door and saw a smiling postman with a package. When I got it in I ripped it open and saw my pretty new shoes ♥ I'm so happy now :D Math exam didn't pass the way it should have so at least now I have new shoes to cheer me up! (Oh and cookies)

Do you like them? :) I ordered them from ASOS sale and I think they are AWESOME! I'm happy that I've finally stopped buying only black shoes. My shoecloset is getting brighter and brighter :)

Have a nice day/week everyone :)




  1. I really think your blog is amazing, would you like to each other?

  2. Patike su super!! Sad sam procitala da si i ti iz Bosne :D

    Danas sam bas upoznala jos jednu simpaticnu curu, koja pise svoj blog iz Bosne :)

    Ja sam sada clan kod tebe, bilo bi mi drago ako i ti postanes kod mene :)


  3. Hope your exam went well,and what a lovely suprise to arrive after an exam :D
    These shoes look so comfy and so cool at the same time,gorgeous bold colour too.I love asos,its my favourite place to shop online.
    Just stumbled across your blog,and love it! Following via GFC.
    Hope your having a wonderful day.