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Heyaaa. What's up guys? :D It's wednesday and guess what, I'm ready for the weekend already! I'm sooo tired. I had math exam on Monday and I guess it went well and after that I've been studying to chemistry exam that I have tomorrow. (I'm very bad in chemistry :/). And I even couldn't sleep long last night, because of course I had to watch that stupid Barcelona - Chelsea game where my Barca LOST ... You should have seen me then ... I got crazy after that game.

And today at school everyone is talking about barca's lost... And everytime I heard name TORRES I could feel the adrenalin in my body. Haha. I gotta stop watching football it makes me crazy ..

I've been at school today from 8am. Now I'm having an hour break and then I continue at school till 4pm :( And nooo my day isn't over then. I gotta go to driving school theory lesson! FUUN. I made myself some coffee (which didn't end up tasting good) so that I wouldn't fall asleep immediately. But I can already see how my studying will go today : I come home after theory lesson, I'm being anxious and can't concentrate to studying. Then I get tired and decide that I'm doomed and go to sleep... FUN.

And now I'm gonna say sorry for my weird way to write haha. I'm so anxious and tired that I can't thing straight and there are lots and lots of things in my mind now :D I can't even stay still but I'm just jumping from place to place. It's so damn hard to just SIT..

And welll..... Since I usually tell mostly abt what I wear and blabla I guess I should do the same here ... So you may see that shirt I just bought couple days ago. I couldn't not to wear it as fast as possible so I put it on yesterday and took some pictures and blabla. This shirt is from H&M and I just fell in love with its color. Under that I have bandeau from GT (since you can see through from back).

Now I go get ready for my history lesson haha.




  1. Fotografije su prelijepe, a i ti si :D

  2. your top is amazing, the color suits you perfectly! :)

  3. this top is beyond adorable. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo