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Time to write my blog again! :) Lots of things have happened but I don't have many pictures yet unfortunately.

My best friend Yassu was here during the Easter holidays so I again planned a little party at my home like every Easter. That is because my birthday is very near Easter (16th of April) and I need my Yassu to be here when I have birthday party so I keep them alays during Easter.

So I invited some 15-20 people here. Also my other friend, Olga, from Yassu's city came:) I haven't seen her in a while so it was really really nice to see her.

 Me and Yassu made some delicious cookies and later some punches using Sour Apple and bosnian rakija (rakija is an alcohol drink, you can read more from wikipedia if you want haha). Punches were delicious and they ended pretty fast ... But no problems, people brought own drinks and me and Yassu had our owns in the fridge waiting for us :)

It was kinda fun. People were dancing and singing and drinking and chatting and taking pictures. Unfortunately the battery ended from my sister's camera so I don't have many photos. I'm waiting for my friends to send some photos that they took so that I can show them for you :)




  1. uuuh i look like a boy! oli ihana nähä sinuuki pulleroinen <3 ppsst guess who

  2. Love your pictures!!!! You had great time!

  3. great pics!! I hope you and your friends had a great time!!!
    You Birthday is near!! aww! so excited! :)

  4. slike su suuuuuper :) vidi se da vam je bilo odlično!